Complete List of WWE Hidden Gems

As the WWE Network continuously added to the Hidden Gems category over the years, it became increasingly harder to navigate around the scattered content. This chronological and complete list of WWE Hidden Gems is here to help, letting you find exactly what you’re looking for out of these rare and previously unreleased matches and moments.

Note: While video titles have been generally adhered to, partial, near-complete and complete events have been named as such for easier identification. Also, the most accurate, WWE-provided dates were used as appropriate. At the end of this page you’ll find individual links to each of the Hidden Gems.

WWE Hidden Gems on WWE Network

Hidden Gems TitleDatePromotion
Lou Thesz vs. Ray Gunkel for NWA Championship05/30/1951Texas Wrasslin’
Killer Kowalski vs. Mr. Moto & Duke Keomuka05/30/1951Texas Wrasslin’
“Wild” Bill Longson vs. Lou Thesz for NWA Title06/17/1952Texas Wrasslin’
Rito Romero vs. Danny Savich at the Sportatorium08/26/1952Texas Wrasslin’
The Power of Karate01/12/1954Texas Wrasslin’
The Sheik vs. Juan Humberto at the Sportatorium12/14/1954Texas Wrasslin’
Danny Savich tries to tame “Wild” Bully Curry02/22/1955Texas Wrasslin’
Maurice Vachon vs. The Amazing Zuma in Texas03/19/1957Texas Wrasslin’
David Ruhl duels Gino “Gorilla Monsoon” Marella03/16/1961Stampede
Get in shape with Gagne-Metrics09/23/1964AWA
Sputnik Monroe vs. Jack Pesek03/03/1966CWF
Six-Man Tag Team action from WCCW’s early years11/08/1966WCCW
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Gene Kiniski for NWA World Title02/11/1969CWF
Bruno Sammartino vs. George “The Animal” Steele07/29/1970WWE
Funks training session: Dory Funk Sr.’s advice02/01/1971WS
Pedro Morales vs. Blackjack Mulligan in MSG03/15/1971WWE
This is Your Life: Jack Brisco (Complete CWF episode)07/30/1971CWF
Wrestling legends demonstrate common maneuvers01/15/1972CWF
Karl Gotch & Renee Goulet vs. The Rugged Russians01/22/1972WWE
Rhodes and Murdoch vs. Ladd and Art Thomas12/16/1972AWA
Arm Wrestling Armageddon08/25/1973AWA
Johnny Valentine vs. Lou Thesz09/01/1973CWF
The Brain and The Sheik vs. Bobo and the Bruiser09/07/1974AWA
Harley Race & Bill Watts vs. The Brisco Brothers10/08/1974CWF
Danny Hodge & Jos Leduc vs. Pak Song & Toru Tanaka11/12/1974CWF
Terry Funk goes after “Cowboy” Bill Watts’ title11/27/1975Tri-State
How Andre the Giant earned his famous moniker01/12/1976CWF
The Ortons vs. Steve Keirn & Mike Graham04/20/1976CWF
“The Greatest” Muhammad Ali makes a bold statement06/12/1976WWE
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s crushing elbow drop09/15/1976CWF
Angelo Poffo challenges Pat Patterson in CWF01/11/1977CWF
The Iron Sheik displays a supreme training regimen01/15/1977AWA
Fritz von Erich vs The Sheik in Texas Death Match02/28/1977WCCW
Harley Race battles Dick Murdoch04/02/1977Tri-State
Cowboy and Thunderbolt vs. Minnesota Wrecking Crew06/24/1977GCW
Johnny Rodz and Carlos Colon duel at MSG08/01/1977WWE
David Von Erich vs. Harley Race in memorable duel12/24/1977WCCW
Harley Race vs “Superstar” Billy Graham01/25/1978CWF
Rocky Johnson and Morales vs Koloff and Mr. Saito02/14/1978WWE
Harley Race vs. Jack Brisco for Heavyweight Title08/12/1978CWF
Mid-South Championship Wrestling: Aug. 12, 197808/12/1978Tri-State
Bob Backlund vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine02/19/1979WWE
Junkyard Dog faces “The Anvil” as Big Daddy Ritter05/11/1979Stampede
Antonio Inoki vs Stan Hansen in Stampede clash08/17/1979Stampede
Exclusive footage of Buddy Rogers vs Ric Flair11/22/1979JCP
Figure-Four masters, Flair and Valentine, face off07/17/1980JCP
Antonio Inoki vs. Larry Sharpe at Shea Stadium08/09/1980WWE
Champs collide: Harley Race vs Bob Backlund09/22/1980WWE
Complete episode of Texas Championship Wrestling10/27/1980WCCW
Ric Flair vs, Harley Race11/14/1980JCP
American Pride: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan01/03/1981WWE
Near-complete WCCW Wrestling Star Wars event02/22/1981WCCW
Big Cat vs. Modern Day Warrior06/07/1981WCCW
Great Kabuki vs. Bruiser Brody in steel cage clash06/07/1981WCCW
Billy Robinson collides with Ray Stevens in AWA09/13/1981AWA
Les Thornton defends title against Gerald Brisco09/13/1981CWF
Davey Boy Smith teams up with Hart Brothers10/09/1981Stampede
Adrian Street vs. Davey Boy Smith10/30/1981Stampede
Partial American Wrestling Association event12/25/1981AWA
Partial WCCW Christmas Star Wars event12/25/1981WCCW
The British Bulldogs clash as singles competitors10/29/1982Stampede
Andre the Giant eyes $5,000 in Bodyslam Challenge11/02/1982AWA
Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan fend off four foes11/07/1982AWA
Partial American Wrestling Association event12/25/1982AWA
Honky Tonk Man makes alliance with Davey Boy Smith02/04/1983Stampede
Rhodes & Junkyard Dog vs. DiBiase & Borne02/11/1983Houston/MSW
Piper and Valentine take mutual strife to the ring07/09/1983JCP
Ric Flair and Harley Race clash in an epic match07/09/1983JCP
Steamboat and Youngblood vs. The Brisco Brothers07/09/1983JCP
Nobuhiko Takada and Athol Foley clash in Canada08/12/1983Stampede
Andre the Giant unveiled at Mid-South Wrestling09/03/1983MSW
Junkyard Dog and “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer collide09/09/1983Houston/MSW
The Last Battle of Atlanta – Full Show10/23/1983GCW
Near-complete Georgia Championship Wrestling event11/06/1983GCW
“Macho Man” Randy Savage and Magnum T.A. team up11/24/1983GCW
Complete Georgia Championship Wrestling event12/04/1983GCW
Near-complete American Wrestling Association event12/25/1983AWA
Partial Mid-South Wrestling event12/25/1983MSW
Bob Backlund imparts wrestling wisdom onto youth03/15/1984WWE
Boogie Jam 1984 (full event)03/17/1984JCP
Jack Brisco challenges Ric Flair for the NWA Title04/07/1984GCW
Ronnie Garvin vs. Jake Roberts for GCW TV Title04/07/1984GCW
Stagger Lee & Bill Watts vs. The Midnight Express04/07/1984MSW
Dusty Rhodes vs. Larry Zbyszko in St. Paul06/10/1984AWA
Complete ‘Black Saturday’ episode of World Championship Wrestling07/14/1984WWE
Star-studded AWA 20-Man Battle Royal07/15/1984AWA
Andre the Giant and Big John Studd fuel rivalry07/20/1984WWE
“Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. Nick Bockwinkel09/21/1984PWUSA
“Exotic” Adrian Street vs. Bobby Fulton10/01/1984MSW
Percy Pringle III unveils Lex Luger to the world10/06/1984CWF
Prestigious tag teams compete in a Battle Royal10/11/1984AWA
Billy Robinson goes one-on-one with Rick Martel10/18/1984AWA
Ernie Ladd vs, Magnum T.A. in Sam Houston Coliseum11/09/1984Houston/MSW
Terry Taylor vs, Adrian Street12/02/1984MSW
Near-complete American Wrestling Association event12/25/1984AWA
Kerry Von Erich faces Gino Hernandez02/22/1985WCCW
Complete Pro Wrestling USA event04/19/1985PWUSA
The Road Warriors face the Hennig father-son duo04/21/1985AWA
Complete Mid-South Wrestlefest ‘85 event07/28/1985MSW
Partial Pro Wrestling USA event08/16/1985PWUSA
Near-complete Mid-South Wrestling event11/11/1985MSW
NWA/AWA Nite of Champions II12/29/1985PWUSA
Partial Mid-South Wrestling event12/31/1985MSW
Superstars on the Superstation02/07/1986JCP
WrestleMania 2 Press Conference03/04/1986WWE
Near-complete Crockett Cup 1986 event04/19/1986JCP
Jim Duggan faces Terry Gordy for the UWF Title05/30/1986UWF
“Cowboy” Bill Watts goes one-on-one with Sting06/24/1986UWF
Complete Great American Bash Charlotte tour event07/05/1986JCP
Complete Great American Bash Greensboro tour event07/26/1986JCP
Jerry Blackwell and Colonel DeBeers chase $10,00011/27/1986AWA
Ron Simmons vs, Bad News Allen in CWF12/16/1986CWF
Near-complete American Wrestling Association event12/25/1986AWA
Future WWE Hall of Famers brawl on New Year’s ’8701/01/1987UWF
Battle of the Horsemen: Windam vs. Arn Anderson01/11/1987JCP
Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham for NWA World Title01/24/1987JCP
WrestleMania 3 Press Conference02/27/1987WWE
The Armstrongs vs. The Horsemen in the Crockett Cup04/11/1987JCP
Tito Santana & Mil Mascaras vs. Demolition08/28/1987WWE
Superstars visit Napoleon’s tomb in Paris10/01/1987WWE
Harley Race and Junkyard Dog battle in Paris10/23/1987WWE
Legendary Battle Royal ensues at the Meadowlands11/16/1987WWE
Complete American Wrestling Association event12/25/1987AWA
WrestleMania 4 Press Conference02/03/1988WWE
Greg Gagne & Jerry Lawler duel Japanese legends05/14/1988AWA
Complete Great American Bash Greensboro tour event07/16/1988JCP
Dusty Rhodes unveils son Dustin as the future08/09/1988CWF
Complete American Wrestling Association TV taping09/18/1988AWA
Ted Dibiase vs, Tom Magee on Wrestling Challenge12/07/1988WWE
Terry Funk targets Dusty and Dustin Rhodes02/23/1989FCW
The British Bulldogs vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express02/27/1989AWA
The Battle of Breakfast Cereal05/01/1989AWA
Dusty Rhodes defends PWF Title inside a steel cage05/13/1989PWF
Rivalry between Sting and the Great Muta erupts09/01/1989WCW
AWA Team Challenge Series Pilot10/23/1989AWA
A Savage Halloween10/31/1989WWE
Rowdy and Ravishing10/31/1989WWE
AWA SuperClash 404/08/1990AWA
The Undertaker appears as “Mean” Mark Callous10/20/1990USWA
Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler in Texas11/03/1990USWA
12-Man Texas Roundup Match at the Sportatorium05/12/1991USWA
The Undertaker vs. British Bulldog for WWE Title11/30/1991WWE
The Lightning Kid battles Jerry Lynn in GWF01/06/1992GWF
Konnan appears as Latin Fury in WWE01/08/1992WWE
Yokozuna’s early WWE matches09/01/1992AWA/WWE
Razor Ramon vs. “El Matador” Tito Santana06/29/1992WWE
The Best of ECW 1992 – Volume 1 (Rare Home Video)07/14/1992ECW
Konnan introduces the WWE Universe to Relampago07/20/1992WWE
Harlem Heat’s early days as The Ebony Express08/11/1992GWF
The Best of ECW 1992 – Volume 2 (Rare Home Video)10/24/1992ECW
Extended Survivor Series Showdown 1992 TV special11/22/1992WWE
1992 ECW TV Pilot11/28/1992ECW
A very “Macho” holiday message from Randy Savage12/22/1992WWE
Big Van Vader eyes title rematch with Ron Simmons12/30/1992WCW
Kane faces “The Icon” Sting as Bruiser Mastino03/06/1993WCW
March to WrestleMania IX03/28/1993WWE
Jim Ross calls Papa Shango vs. El Matador in debut04/04/1993WWE
X-Pac faces Louie Spicolli as The Lightning Kid04/06/1993WWE
Taz’s early WWE match vs. Skippy Taylor05/05/1993WWE
All Aboard the Lex Express07/04/1993WWE
SummerSlam Spectacular 1993 special08/22/1993WWE
Sabu’s early WWE match vs. Scott Taylor10/18/1993WWE
Survivor Series Showdown 199311/21/1993WWE
Lex Luger envisions himself with WWE Championship02/22/1994WWE
Triple H and Road Dogg meet as foes before DX days02/26/1994WCW
March to WrestleMania X03/13/1994WWE
Road Dogg vs. Barry Hardy on WWE Challenge08/16/1994WWE
Sunday Night Slam: August 199408/21/1994WWE
Triple H and Road Dogg battle it out in WCW11/19/1994WCW
Sunday Night Slam: November 199411/20/1994WWE
Complete Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV episode01/07/1995SMW
WCW All Nighter 199501/20/1995WCW
Chris Candido and Boo Bradley meet before ECW days01/21/1995SMW
Kane faces The Undertaker as Unabom in SMW08/19/1995SMW
Eddie Guerrero vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger in WCW10/01/1995WCW
Alundra Blayze vs. Lioness Asuka on Superstars11/21/1995WWE
Stampede Corral: Funks vs. Pillman and Bruce Hart12/15/1995Stampede
Chris Jericho makes his ECW debut against RVD02/03/1996ECW
Razor Ramon demands a Miami Alley Fight at ‘Mania02/20/1996WWE
Shawn Micheals and Stone Cold’s Texas homecoming03/10/1996WWE
The Rock squares up against Bodydonna Skip03/11/1996WWE
The first time Triple H confronts The Undertaker05/12/1996WWE
Otani vs. Malenko for WCW Cruiserweight Title05/18/1996WCW
Bret Hart vs Steve Austin in South Africa09/14/1996WWE
Lucha legends Rey Mysterio and Super Calo show off09/23/1996WCW
Triple H and The Undertaker battle at Penn Station02/08/1997WWE
Meiko Satomura & Madusa vs. Akira Hokuto & Kaoru02/09/1997WCW
Terry Funk Lifetime Achievement Banquet04/12/1997ECW
Hunter Hearst Helmsley scraps with The Undertaker09/05/1997WWE
Bret Hart vs. Terry Funk at ECW Wrestlefest 199709/11/1997ECW
The Undertaker & Stone Cold take on DX at MSG11/15/1997WWE
ECW legends wreak havoc in Stairway to Hell Match05/16/1998ECW
Booker T vs. “Pitbull” Pittman at WCW Power Plant08/01/1998WCW
Super Crazy appears as Super Loco on Super Astros11/22/1998WWE
Molly Holly performs as Starla Saxton in WCW12/21/1998WCW
WCW’s Festival de Lucha – Eight-Man Tag Team Match01/27/1999WCW
WCW’s Festival de Lucha (full TV taping)01/27/1999WCW
Stampede Wrestling Reboot Pilot04/02/1999Stampede
Samoa Joe takes on William Regal in UPW10/11/2000UPW
Scott Hall challenges Justin Credible in ECW11/11/2000ECW
Minnesota Stretching Crew tackle heavy competition12/16/2000OVW
Extreme clash between Sandman, Corino and Credible12/23/2000ECW
Batista battles Kane as Leviathan in OVW01/31/2001OVW
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin raises hell in OVW01/31/2001OVW
Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels in UPW03/14/2001UPW
Brothers of Destruction vs Stone Cold & Triple H04/16/2001WWE
Edge and Christian vs. Nova and Kazarian in UPW04/25/2001UPW
Samoa Joe and Tommy Dreamer duel for the UPW Title04/25/2001UPW
John Cena and Mark Henry collide in OVW05/26/2001OVW
Kane emerges as The Undertaker’s partner in OVW06/30/2001OVW
A young AJ Styles competes in WWE dark match07/09/2001WWE
Brock Lesnar vs. Batista in early OVW battle07/28/2001OVW
Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton face off as phenoms11/29/2001WWE
Brock Lesnar before he was “The Next Big Thing”01/03/2002WWE
AJ Styles debuts on WWE TV against The Hurricane01/26/2002WWE
A young Bobby Roode challenges Albert10/19/2002WWE
Eddie Guerrero makes his only appearance in OVW11/20/2002OVW
Billy Gunn vs. Mark Jindrak in OVW05/24/2003OVW
Brock Lesnar defends WWE Title vs. The Undertaker10/09/2003WWE
Before the Raid: Hanson vs. Brian Black on Raw05/02/2005WWE
CM Punk’s debut appearance on WWE programming05/15/2005WWE
Matches-only Velocity episode12/17/2005WWE
Dean Ambrose appears as Jon Moxley in duel vs. MNM01/21/2006WWE
Mercedes Martinez and Victoria clash on Heat06/12/2006WWE
Kenny Omega cuts his teeth in Deep South Wrestling09/03/2003DSW
Beth Phoenix vs. ODB vs. Katie Lea in OVW10/14/2006OVW
Tommaso Ciampa makes his OVW debut in 200703/10/2007OVW
Kofi Kingston and The Miz’s early showdown03/23/2007WWE
A young Kofi Kingston faces an extreme opponent12/14/2007WWE
Randy Orton defends WWE Title against Triple H04/13/2008WWE
HBK and Triple H vs. Legacy in steel cage clash09/01/2009WWE
Xavier Woods vs, Micheal Tarver in FCW01/05/2011FCW
Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes get acquainted in FCW01/16/2011FCW
Rollins and Reigns compete in the Grand Royale01/16/2011FCW
Rollins vs. Ambrose in classic FCW Iron Man Match09/18/2011FCW
Corey Graves faces Roman Reigns as Leakee in FCW11/20/2011FCW
Future WWE superstars lay the groundwork in FCW11/20/2011FCW
Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins in NXT12/07/2011NXT
The Shield’s early Triple Threat Match in FCW02/05/2012FCW
Seth Rollins vs. Kassius Ohno in FCW Title Match04/29/2012FCW
Renee Young’s early WWE audition tape06/08/2012WWE
A young Dean Ambrose challenges William Regal07/01/2012FCW
Enzo Amore, Big Cass & Ryback in NXT05/23/2013NXT
Balor defends NXT Title against Samoa Joe & Zayn12/15/2015NXT
Bobby Roode throws down with Kota Ibushi in NXT10/30/2016NXT
Triple Threat Match for the NXT Championship10/30/2016NXT
Mark Andrews goes after Pete Dunne’s WWE UK Title06/08/2017NXT

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