Throwback Thursday: WCW Saturday Night (June 19, 1993), As Seen on WWE Network and Peacock



This week Throwback Thursday takes another trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a classic post-Clash of the Champions XXIII edition of WCW Saturday Night, as seen on the WWE Network and Peacock, that aired 31 years ago tomorrow!


It was beginning of a new era for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the early summer of 1993.

After nearly five years of running WCW as a southern “rasslin’” promotion—losing tens of millions of dollars in the process—WCW President Bill Shaw (at the direction of Ted Turner) and new Executive Producer Eric Bischoff began taking steps to transition WCW, first and foremost, into a television company.

The change put greater emphasis on WCW’s free and pay television programming being the lead economic driver as opposed to television programming serving as live event infomercials, as had been the standard wrestling business model since the sport first aired on television in the 1940s.

To start, Executive Producer Eric Bischoff began cutting back on as many house shows as possible, looking to reinvest the money wasted on poorly attended non-televised events back into the television properties.

By streamlining the taping schedule, reducing the number of underperforming live events, and modernizing the overall product (including a more “Sports Entertainment” approach to creative), Bischoff was hoping to turn a corner that would, eventually, earn WCW it’s very first dollar in profit.

Slowly but surely Eric Bischoff was taking the necessary steps to reinvent the image of WCW from a struggling Southern “rasslin’” territory into a more “national” promotion capable of rivaling the industry titan World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

But in the wake of the ’80s wrestling boom going bust, pro wrestling was in the midst of one of the harshest contractions in its long history. The contraction, coupled with a painful national economic recession and stubborn unemployment, made Bischoff’s job that much tougher.

By the summer of 1993, WCW’s reputation was a cruel punchline. Unforced errors, poor booking, and plain old bad luck had stifled any momentum WCW had been trying to build.

For all intents and purposes, Eric Bischoff was starting from scratch. And this at a time when Ted Turner, for the very first time, was considering selling or even shuttering his beloved wrestling company.

Behind Bischoff’s lofty goals lay a seemingly simple task: turn a profit. Since Turner Broadcasting had acquired Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) in November 1988 the company had only lost money. Lots of money.

Bischoff was looking to not only end that streak and turn a profit, but turn WCW into the national player he believed it could be. And then, if the stars aligned just so, make one solid run at unseating the WWF and Vince McMahon as the kings of the pro wrestling ring.



The top story in WCW the week this edition of WCW Saturday Night aired was the fallout from Clash of the Champions XXIII on June 17, 1993, and the coming Beach Blast ’93 pay-per-view on July 18, 1993.

The biggest story coming out of the the Clash event was the long awaited in-ring return of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Flair, teamed with “Four Horsemen” stablemate Arn Anderson, challenged the Hollywood Blondes for the World Tag Team titles at the event only to have NWA World Champion Barry Windham ambush Flair, thus setting up Ric Flair’s first singles program since returning to WCW.

The co-main event of the Clash show Vader, Sid, & Rick Rude defeat Sting, Davey Boy Smith, & Dustin Rhodes in six-man action.

Beyond Ric Flair’s pursuit of Barry Windham’s NWA World title, the top feud in WCW involved the “Masters of the Powerbomb” (Sid & WCW World Champion Vader) going after Sting & Davey Boy Smith.

Now let’s head on over to the WWE Network on Peacock, hit ‘play’, and see how well this edition of WCW Saturday Night holds up in 2024!

Edits for this edition of WCW Saturday Night are not an issue on the WWE Network and Peacock. Context, meanwhile, is nearly complete, with all but two editions of WCW Saturday Night—dating back to the series’ relaunch on April 4, 1992—having been uploaded to the WWE Network and Peacock.

All other WCW TV of the era (WCW Pro, WCW Main Event, WCW Power Hour, & WCW Worldwide) are currently missing from both services. NWA World Championship Wrestling, the forerunner to Saturday Night, only runs through July 8, 1989. Despite the exclusion of key programming all past editions of Clash of the Champions and all prior WCW pay-per-views are available for you to enjoy right now on the WWE Network and Peacock.


WCW Saturday Night #64 (WATCH)
Date: June 19, 1993 (TAPED: June 7, 1993) – Location: Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance: N/A – TV Ratings: N/A
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura – Interviews: Tony Schiavone

Number One Song: “That’s The Way Love Goes” (Janet Jackson)
Number One Album: janet. (Janet Jackson)
Number One on Television: 1993 NBA Finals: Game 3 (Phoenix Suns 129 – Chicago Bulls 121 Final, 3OT) (NBC)
Number One on Cable Television: 1993 TNN/Music City News Country Awards (TNN)
Number One Film in Theaters: Jurassic Park (Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Wayne Knight, & Richard Attenborough)
U.S. President & Vice President: Bill Clinton & Al Gore

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Barry Windham (February 21, 1993, WCW SuperBrawl III, from The Great Muta)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Hollywood Blonds (“Stunning” Steve Austin & “Flyin’” Brian Pillman) (March 27, 1993, WCW Worldwide, taped March 2, 1993, from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Shane Douglas; since then-WCW World Tag Team Champions Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams won the inaugural NWA World Tag Team titles at Great American Bash ’92, defeating Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham in the finals of a 16-team tournament, the NWA and WCW World Tag Team titles were defended together until WCW officially withdrew from the NWA in September 1993)
WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Big Van Vader (March 17, 1993, Dublin, Ireland, from Sting)
WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: VACANT (May 29, 1993, WCW Saturday Night; the U.S. Heavyweight title was vacated after a disputed finish in the title match between Rick Rude and then-Champion Dustin Rhodes on the May 15, 1993, edition of WCW Worldwide; during the match Rude attempted to pin Rhodes with a back suplex when both men’s shoulders were down; despite both men lifting their shoulders before the three-count Rick Rude was awarded the match and the title; Rick Rude and Dustin Rhodes would, at a later date, settle the matter in a rematch)
WCW World Television Champion: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff (March 27, 1993, WCW Power Hour, taped March 2, 1993, defeating Erik Watts in the finals of 16-man tournament to win the vacant title; the TV title was vacated in mid-January 1993 after then-Champion Scott Steiner left WCW, with his brother Rick, to join the WWF; the 16-man tournament also included Van Hammer, Cactus Jack, Chris Benoit, Vinnie Vegas, Maxx Payne, Too Cold Scorpio, Tom Zenk, Robbie V (Rob Van Dam), Steven Regal, Johnny B. Badd, Johnny Gunn, Shanghai Pierce, The Barbarian, & Marcus Alexander Bagwell)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Hollywood Blonds (“Stunning” Steve Austin & “Flyin’” Brian Pillman) (March 27, 1993, WCW Worldwide, taped March 2, 1993, from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Shane Douglas; since then-WCW World Tag Team Champions Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams won the inaugural NWA World Tag Team titles at Great American Bash ’92, defeating Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham in the finals of a 16-team tournament, the NWA and WCW World Tag Team titles were defended together until WCW officially withdrew from the NWA in September 1993)


This week’s edition of WCW Saturday Night begins with a brief rundown of the show to come before we head inside the Center Stage Theater where the Masters of the Powerbomb (Sid and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader) make their way to the ring for this week’s opening contest.


—Tag Team Match (0:33)
Masters of the Powerbomb (WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious) w/Col. Rob Parker & Harley Race vs. Terry Travis & Kip Abe

This one is a squash from the opening bell with Vader battering Kip Abe. Sid quickly tags in and goes right after Terry Travis. Travis eats a stiff lariat before Sid delivers a massive powerbomb for the 1-2-3 at 1:16.

WINNERS are Masters of the Powerbomb (WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious) w/Col. Rob Parker & Harley Race (Pin, 1:16)


Following the match Sid & Vader celebrate their victory as Jesse and Tony decide who will head to ringside to interview the “Masters of the Powerbomb”.

After the replay of the finish we head to ringside where Tony Schiavone is set to interview Col. Parker & Harley Race.

Col. Parker starts by talking about approaching Davey Boy Smith & Sting one final time to offer them tickets to the “retirement haven of their choice”.

The pair would have no broken bones, bruises, or “stretched out muscles” if they accept this final offer. If not, Parker says, they will feel the “bomb blast” at Beach Blast.

Harley Race jumps in to say that if neither Sting nor Davey Boy are “smart enough” to take the money “and run” then the “bomb” will go off at Beach Blast.

Vader grabs the microphone then and, after putting himself and Sid over, begs Sting & Davey Boy to go to the “WCW Committee” and have the match called off at Beach Blast, that he and Sid aren’t coming to win or “look good” but to “cause pain”.

Sid sniffs the air, smelling the “powerbomb”. Sting & Davey Boy have reached the “point of no return”, Sid says, noting that he and Vader feel “no compassion” for anyone. For Sting & Davey, Sid says, “it’s over!”

With that Tony wraps the interview and sends us to our first Peacock ad-break of the show.


Coming out of the break we return to the announce position where Tony & Jesse properly welcome us to the show.

After hyping this week’s main event, pitting Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat against TV Champion Paul Orndorff, the two turn their attention to this past Wednesday’s Clash of the Champions XXIII event.

Specifically the two discuss the brawl between NWA World Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham and Ric Flair that took place during (and after) the main event “two-out-of-three falls” World Tag Team title bout in which the Champions, the Hollywood Blondes (Steve Austin & Brian Pillman) defended the gold against Arn Anderson & the returning “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The two set up and then toss to the closing moments of the main event World Tag Team title bout from the Clash.



We join the footage as Arn Anderson makes the hot tag to Ric Flair. Flair goes to work on Austin, landing a high back suplex before attempting to cinch in the figure-four leglock.

But as Flair gets the hold in place, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham storms the ring, breaking up the figure-four with a forearm from the top rope.

Windham wipes Flair out, battering the bejabbers out of Flair as the Blondes go to work on Arn Anderson. Moments later, however, newly minted Four Horseman Paul Roma makes the save, driving the Blondes from the ring and pulling Windham off of Flair.


As the scene begins to settle down Barry Windham joins Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura at ringside where Tony asks Barry about his actions.

Windham tells Tony that Flair never wanted a piece of Windham in the past and he sure doesn’t want a piece now. Windham says that he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Flair “walked away from it” and Windham “took it”.

The title is something Flair doesn’t “deserve” and it now belongs to Windham. Flair has “no guts”, Windham says, and will never be the World Heavyweight Champion again.


Then, as Windham continues to rant, Flair attacks, lunging at Windham. The two trade shots as security and WCW officials try and pull the two apart to bring the Clash event to a close.

We then cut back to Center Stage where the next match is already in the ring.


—Singles Match (10:48)
Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Fury

Each of these wrestlers were one-half of two of the young, up-and-coming tag teams in WCW at this time. Bagwell was regularly teaming with 2 Cold Scorpio, whom we’re told is doing a tour of Japan, while Fury was part of the Wrecking Crew with partner Rage.

The match is even to start, with both men trading momentum before Bagwell grounds Fury with an armbar. Fury tries time and again to turn things around but Bagwell’s agility and speed gets the better of Fury at every turn.

Bagwell maintains the edge until telegraphing a back body drop. Fury has the edge until missing a splash from the second rope. Bagwell comes storming back and has Fury where he wants him, scoring a near-fall on a beautiful dropkick, before Fury’s partner, Rage, arrives at ringside.

Bagwell floors Rage with a forearm before landing a second dropkick on Fury that sends Fury to the apron.

Bagwell then attempts to suplex Fury back into the ring from the apron when Rage trips Bagwell, holding Bagwell’s feet to give Fury the pinfall win at 4:40.

WINNER is Fury (Pin, 4:40)


After the match Teddy Long, who had been watching the match with the fans in crowd, jumps into the ring to confront the referee, arguing the finish on Bagwell’s behalf. The decision, however, stands as called.


Following a replay of the disputed finish we head to ringside where Tony interviews Teddy Long and Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

Teddy Long says everybody saw what happened but notes that referee Randy Anderson can not call what he doesn’t see. In spite of that Long views Bagwell as the “true winner” of this week’s bout.

Bagwell is up next. After putting over Teddy Long, and the fans, Bagwell challenges the Wrecking Crew to a tag team showdown next week between himself and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Bagwell then asks Teddy Long to join he and Scorpio at ringside next week to watch their back. Teddy accepts Bagwell’s offer, even offering to help the pair train ahead of next week’s showdown with the Wrecking Crew.

Schiavone then wraps the interview and sends us to our next Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break we head to the goofy, campy, unbelievably bad Beach Blast “mini-movie”. This remains one of the most infamous features that WCW ever produced.

Featuring little people disguised as sharks, terrible acting, and even worse editing, this is a must-see “film” for anyone who believes the current product is the “worst ever”.

There are few words that can be said that haven’t already been said about this feature. This is one of the rare occasions where seeing truly is believing.

Following the Beach Blast mini-movie we get a brief Beach Blast PPV promo before heading to the next Peacock ad-break.


—Singles Match (26:19)
Tony Zane vs. Davey Boy Smith

There is not much of a contest here. While Tony Zane tries to use his size and power to get something going against Davey Boy it’s to no avail. Davey Boy quickly takes Zane down and imposes his will, easily fighting off Zane’s efforts to rally.

As Davey Boy takes over the match the Master of the Powerbomb, Sid & Vader, show up in the aisle to watch the match. We then cut back to the ring in time to see Davey Boy finish Zane off with the patented running powerslam for the 1-2-3 at 1:51.

WINNER is Davey Boy Smith (Pin, 1:51)


Following the match, and the obligatory post-match replay, Tony Schiavone attempts to interview Davey Boy Smith.

But as Tony tries to get the interview going in the ring, Vader distracts Davey Boy. Just then Sting’s music hits and the Stinger makes his way to the ring, forcing the heels to regroup and head to higher ground.

Back in the ring Tony begins to interview both Sting and Davey Boy Smith. Tony notes that Sting & Davey Boy have had not one but two different occasions to accept the “retirement” offer from Col. Parker and have not done so.

Taking a look at the size of the Masters of the Powerbomb, Sting asks Davey Boy if they shouldn’t accept the offer after all. Davey Boy puts over the size of both Sid & Vader and says that maybe he and Sting should “back out right now”.

As the crowd reacts to Davey Boy’s comments Sting reminds Davey Boy that he’s already powerslammed Vader and Davey Boy reminds Sting that the Stinger has already trapped Vader in the Scorpion Deathlock.

Sting & Davey Boy grasp hands as Davey Boy says the only thing there is to do is head to Beach Blast and “kick some you-know-what”.

With that Sting & Davey Boy share a high-five as Tony wraps the interview, sending us to our next Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break we head back to the announce position where Tony & Jesse try to move on to the next topic when the Assassin crashes the announce position.

Assassin calls out Dusty Rhodes, saying that the differences between he and Rhodes has been “eatin’ away” at Assassin for “over eight years” and that it won’t be settled until the two meet “face to face”.

Dusty, Assassin says, has been “duckin’ and hidin’” but Dusty can’t do it forever. Assassin says he wants to leave Dusty with “one parting thought”: “call your mother.”


As Assassin leaves the set Tony & Jesse turn their attention to the latest installment in the infamous “Lost in Cleveland” series, setting up and tossing to this week’s video.

We then head to Catherine White in the alleys of Cleveland, Ohio. Catherine runs through the supposed sightings fans have claimed to have had of the inured Cactus Jack, including a sighting of Jack entering a “UFO somewhere near Roswell”.

But it was the tip of young Steven Leblang of Shaker Heights, who supposedly saw Cactus Jack hanging around this very corner with a number of homeless folks, that has led Catherine to “Cleveland’s skid row”.

Since “the name Cleveland” has come up “time and time again”, Catherine White has come to the “neighborhood” searching or leads but so far come up empty handed.

Despite the police ordering White and her crew to leave the area, Catherine presses on, in search of the light at the end of the alley which, we’re supposed to believe, is where young Steve Leblang saw Jack.

Catherine shouts out questions to the hobos assembled around the trash can fire, but they’ve never heard of Cactus Jack. Just as Catherine decides to throw in the towel after one question, though, a wino calls out to her, asking if she’s searching for “that WCW wrestler that got all beat up”.

The wino says Jack is here but “no one wants to believe what Swampy sees” because the “bottom of the bottle” gets in the way of Swampy’s vision.

But Swampy used to watch Cactus Jack all the time through the “pawn shop windows”. But now, Swampy tells White, Jack is “right here on the street”. Swampy will take Catherine to Jack for a “picture of Grant” (fifty dollars), and Catherine White agrees.

With his fifty dollars in hand Swampy asks for her business card. Why? Because Swampy hasn’t seen Jack in “two days”, and when he finds Jack Swampy will call Catherine, “collect” of course.

Swampy takes off, bragging about his newfound money, as another bum rushes into the frame and swipes White’s purse. The bum doesn’t get very far, though, before running into a human wall that looks a lot like the injured and missing Cactus Jack.

White tells her cameraman to keep his camera trained on the beating as White’s purse is tossed back to her. At that point White has had enough. Picking up her purse, White quickly departs the alley as we head back to Center Stage for our next bout.


—Singles Match (36:42)
“Lord” Steven Regal w/Sir William vs. Davey Rich

This match marked “Lord” Steve Regal’s debut bout on WCW Saturday Night.

The Match, meanwhile, is the squash one might expect it to be. After a fair amount of stalling Regal and Rich tie-up. Regal, however, looks beyond disgusted to even have to touch the likes of Davey Rich.

Moments later Regal opens up on Rich with a series of stiff European uppercuts. Rich tries to make a rally but is easily taken down by Regal.

Regal goes after Rich then, pouring on the offense, before hitting his Regal Roll (rolling fireman’s carry) for the pinfall at 2:01.

WINNER is “Lord” Steven Regal (Pin, 2:01)


After the match, and the usual replays, we head to ringside where Tony Schiavone is ready to interview Steven Regal & “Sir” William.

“Sir” William, with almost no accent at this time, tells all the “low class” champions of WCW that Regal is looking for a belt and he doesn’t care which one it is.

Regal stops “Sir” William to say that he can’t understand how the “lowly” American people have taken the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith “to your heart”, what with how Davey Boy abuses the English language.

Davey Boy sounds like he’s got a “mouth full of billiard balls”, Regal says, calling Davey Boy’s speech “appalling”. Neither Regal nor William have ever seen Davey Boy at one their polo or cricket matches, either, just in the stables.

Regal says that he remembers having Davey Boy arrested for “poaching” on Regal’s land and how “appalling” it is to see American’s eating hot dogs when Regal’s used to eating “pheasants and grouse”.

“Sir” William tells Tony that what Regal is trying to say is that they are in pursuit of championship titles, not “hot dogs”. With that Tony wraps the interview and sends us to an ad-free break.


Coming out of the ad-free break we head to this week’s “Flair for the Gold” (42:18). Before bringing out this week’s guest, Col. Rob Parker, Flair cuts a promo on NWA World Champion Barry Windham.

Flair says he “wants” and “needs” Windham, that he’s “gotta have” Windham because Flair wants to the be the NWA World Champion for a tenth time.


Next Ric Flair introduces Col. Rob Parker for an interview. After gifting Flair a cigar, Col. Parker puts over Flair’s abilities as a “talk show host”, putting Flair with Arsenio Hall. That’s exactly why Parker is here this week.

Parker says that being a “promoter” and “businessman” that Parker’s time is “very important.” Parker says he wants Flair to air a piece of tape that Parker has provided.

The footage, which we see but hear nothing of, is of Parker and Vader’s manager Harley Race introducing the new “Master of the Powerbomb” team of Sid Vicious and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader.

Flair calls the new pairing the “biggest news to hit WCW since the return of the ‘Nature Boy’”.

That same morning, Parker says, he read that Sting and Davey Boy Smith were “on an island” for “some type of charity benefit with a bunch of children.”

As Parker speaks we see “highlights” of the infamous Beach Blast mini-movie, providing (apparently) context as to how and why the incidents seen in the mini-movie came to be.

Parker says that Sting & Davey Boy turned down his personal invitation to retire on his dime, further explaining how the heels found a “craft” to get to the island in the first place.

Flair reminds Parker that he has been in the ring with both Stine and Davey Boy, calling both a “couple of tough cookies”. Parker responds by saying the “bomb”, in the form of a “powerbomb”, will be dropped at Beach Blast and will be felt “all over this entire world”.

Parker tells us to get a good look at Sting & Davey Boy Smith now because we’re not going to see them as they appear now after Sid & Vader get through with them at the Beach Blast.

With that Col. Parker wishes Flair luck on his pursuit of the NWA World title, telling Flair that if Flair wins the title Parker will be “hunting” Flair down with a contract. However, Parker says, his business is “done here”.

Col. Parker then gets up and walks off the set as Flair rises to hype next week’s “Flair for the Gold”, with special guest Dusty Rhodes, before wrapping the show and sending to our next Peacock ad-break.


—Singles Match (46:21)
Paul Roma vs. Chick Donovan

Paul Roma—whom many fans knew from his work in the WWF as an enhancement talent, one half of the Young Stallions (with Jim Powers), and one half of Power & Glory (with Hercules Hernandez)—had been introduced as the newest member of the famed Four Horseman stable at Slamboree ’93 on May 23, 1993.

This match marked Paul Roma’s first-ever match in WCW and the first since being named a Horsemen. Some fans may remember Roma’s opponent, Chick Donovan, from the old World Class Championship Wrestling days where Chick enjoyed a small bit of success.

This one, though, is a sloppy squash. After an opening flurry of offense from Roma, Chick Donovan finds a way back into the match.

Roma weathers Chick’s offense before cutting Donovan’s comeback short, delivering a back breaker, and hitting a top rope splash for the three-count at 1:44.

WINNER is Paul Roma (Pin, 1:44)


Following the match, and the usual replays, we head to ringside where Tony is set to interview the Four Horsemen: Paul Roma, Arn Anderson, and Ric Flair.

Roma begins by saying that he was “picked to be one of the elite”. Roma’s not here to “play” but to “stay with this team”. The Horsemen, Roma says, will always be the “best in professional wrestling”, warning the Hollywood Blondes that they “are next!”

Arn jumps in next, saying the “focus is set”. The Horsemen didn’t start out to make the issue personal with the Blondes but the Blondes have done just that.

Arn notes that the Horsemen have won more titles and sown more chaos in pro wrestling in the last decade than any faction in its history.

The only reason that the Blondes are the World Tag Team Champions, Arn says, is “because the Horsemen weren’t in the hunt”. Now they are, “full blown”, and the “lines are clearly drawn”.

Flair is up next. After putting over the new Horsemen Ric again targets Barry Windham. Everyone knows why Flair is back, “Nature Boy” says, so Windham had better just give Flair the title shot.

Flair tells Windham to name the date and place before suggesting the two go at it at Beach Blast. Flair closes things out by shouting, “Windham! I. Want. You!”

Tony then wraps the interview and tosses to the next Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break we see Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat’s entrance before World Television Champion “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff makes his way to the ring for our main event as we duck out for the next Peacock ad-break.


—WCW World Television Championship – JIP (51:13)
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff(c)

The World TV title, for those wondering, is only on the line for the first ten minutes of the bout.

This match is already underway as we return from break with “Dragon” getting the better of a game Orndorff. Soon enough Orndorff heads to the floor to regroup where the fans give Orndorff a hard time.

Back in the ring, Orndorff finds himself, again, at the mercy of Steamboat, who works a beautiful looking armbar. Moments later, however, Steamboat telegraphs a back body drop, giving Orndorff the opening to drive Steamboat’s face into the mat, momentarily turning the tide.

Orndorff opens up on Steamboat until running headlong into the raised knee of Steamboat in the corner. Steamboat lands a chop from the top for a near-fall before Orndorff heads to the floor to try and outrun the “Dragon”.

Back in the ring Steamboat lands a gorgeous dropkick that again sends Orndorff to the floor. This time Orndorff catches Steamboat coming in and goes for the piledriver but Steamboat back drops his way free. Orndorff holds on, though, and scores a near-fall with a sunset flip.

Steamboat responds with a hard chop before scaling the ropes for a crossbody. As Steamboat attempts the pinfall, however, Dick Slater rushes in and attacks Steamboat, giving Orndorff the win via DQ.

WINNER is Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (Disqualification, 4:22, JIP time)


After the bell Dick Slater and Paul Orndorff maul Steamboat until Ron Simmons makes the save.

The four men continue to brawl, with the babyfaces getting the upper hand, as this edition of Saturday Night goes off the air!


Final Thoughts

This is yet another exciting, fast-paced edition of WCW Saturday Night!

The main focus of the show is, of course, the main event tag team war to come at Beach Blast between the Masters of the Powerbomb and Sting & Davey Boy Smith.

While the main tag team story gets the bulk of the air time, the Ric Flair/Barry Windham war of words over the NWA World title takes up what little oxygen is left in the show.

That aside, the action and promos are all great, with the Horsemen promo stealing the show and the main event Steamboat/Orndorff TV title match easily becoming the match of the show.

It’s fun, too, to see the debuts of both Steven Regal and Paul Roma in the same show, giving us a glimpse of what was and what was yet to come, at least in the case of “Lord” Steven Regal.

Then there’s the campiness of the Beach Blast mini-movie and the ridiculous “Swampy” business during the “Lost in Cleveland” spot. To be sure, there’s a little bit for everyone in this edition of WCW Saturday Night.

So, if you haven’t seen this exciting edition of WCW Saturday Night, or it’s been a while, you won’t regret seeking this show out on the WWE Network and Peacock right now! Who knows, you may end up liking it, and that’s never a bad thing!

Already subscribed to the WWE Network on Peacock? Then you can relive this classic, post-Clash of the Champions XXIII edition of WCW Saturday Night right now or experience it for the very first time! As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

For pre-WNN editions of Throwback Thursday, click here!



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Full List of WWE Network Additions (07/12/2024): NXT Level Up Featuring Tatum Paxley, Malik Blade, and More

By Steve Coulson / July 13, 2024
One of the most exciting aspects about the WWE Network and Peacock is seeing new or classic content added to the archives. Our initial offering of...