Throwback Thursday: NWA World Championship Wrestling (May 17, 1986), As Seen on WWE Network and Peacock



This week’s Throwback Thursday fires up the Mr. Fusion, loads up the DeLorean (don’t forget the hoverboard), and heads back to 1986 for a classic edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling, as seen on the WWE Network and Peacock, that aired 37 years ago yesterday!

It is often said that “a rising tide lifts all ships”. Though the rapid national expansion of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)— combined with the proliferation of cable television—had hastened the demise of wrestling’s 50-plus year old territory system, it gave the more ambitious promoters a chance to break out of the old system and take a stab at “going national”. Promoters like Fritz Von Erich and Bill Watts chose to break entirely from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) to go at it on their own, with Watts even rechristening his Mid-South promotion the “Universal Wrestling Federation” (UWF). Others, like famed wrestler and promoter Verne Gagne, struggled to adapt to the new order of things and began to flounder.

For Jim Crockett, Jr., the spring of 1986 was one of promise. In the prior year Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) drew 27,000 fans for the inaugural Great American Bash on July 6, 1985, at the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina; shattered all records with Starrcade ’85: The Gathering; and, one month before this edition of NWA WCW aired, drew a combined 16,000 fans to the New Orleans Superdome for the 1986 Jim Crockett, Sr., Memorial Tag Team Cup Tournament. With summer on the horizon Jim Crockett, Sr., was looking to cash in on the momentum JCP had created by staging the first Great American Bash Tour. From Cincinnati to Philadelphia to Jacksonville, Florida, with a multitude of stops between, Crockett and booker Dusty Rhodes were eager to turn the Great American Bash Tour into wrestling’s great “American Dream”.



The top story in JCP at the time this edition of NWA WCW aired remained the Four Horsemen’s issues with Dusty Rhodes. The James Boys’ (Magnum T.A. & Dusty under hoods) continued problems with Jim Cornette and the World Tag Team Champion Midnight Express was another top story, as was Magnum T.A.’s mission to get Nikita Koloff in the ring for a showdown on national television. The top song in the country the week this edition of NWA WCW aired was Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All” from Whitney Houston’s number one, self-titled debut album Whitney Houston. On television NBC’s The Cosby Show reigned supreme as Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Tom Skerritt, was number one at theaters.

Now it’s time to head on over to the WWE Network on Peacock, hit ‘play’, and see how well this edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling holds up in 2023!

Edits are not an issue with this edition of NWA WCW on the WWE Network and Peacock. Some unlicensed music has been removed, as has any and all local live event promos. Context is solid, with the bulk of past editions of NWA WCW, dating back to November 1985, and all prior Starrcade events available for you to enjoy right now!


NWA World Championship Wrestling (WATCH)
Date: May 17, 1995 – Location: WTBS Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance: N/A – TV Ratings: N/A
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & David Crockett – Interviews: Tony Schiavone

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (May 24, 1984, Yokosuka, Japan, from “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich)
NWA United States Heavyweight Champion: Magnum T.A. (November 28, 1985, NWA Starrcade ’85: The Gathering, Greensboro, North Carolina, from Tully Blanchard; this was a steel cage, “I Quit” match)
NWA World Television Champion: Arn Anderson (January 4, 1986, Greensboro, North Carolina, defeating Wahoo McDaniel in the finals of an 8-man tournament; the Television title was vacated on October 19, 1985, after then-Champion Dusty Rhodes injured his leg; the 8-man tournament also included Ron Bass, Black Bart, Tully Blanchard, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Valiant, & The Barbarian)
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Denny Brown (September 15, 1985, NWA World Championship Wrestling, from Gary Royal)
NWA World Women’s Champion: Debbie Combs (February 12, 1986, Honolulu, Hawaii, winning a 9-woman battle royal featuring Lady Satan, Candi Devine, Princess Jasmine, Roxie Rush, Reggie Schwartz, Despina Montagos, Eva Savage, & Sherri Martel to win the vacant NWA World Women’s Championship; the title was vacant after then-Champion Fabulous Moolah, who owned the physical title belt, sold the title to the WWF in late 1983 after Vince McMahon withdrew the WWF from the NWA)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Tully Blanchard (March 4, 1986, Spartanburg, South Carolina, from “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Black Bart (March 18, 1986, Mooresville, North Carolina, from Sam Houston)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: Midnight Express (“Loverboy” Dennis Condrey & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton) (February 7, 1986, Superstars on the Superstation, taped February 2, 1986, from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson))
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Russian Team (“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff, “Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff, & Baron Von Raschke) (January 13, 1986, NWA World Wide Wrestling; Baron Von Raschke was brought into the stable to replace an injured Krusher Kruschev; the Russian Team, with Don Kernodle, originally won the World Six-Man Tag titles on July 18, 1984; the Russians turned on Don Kernodle on October 20, 1984, after losing the World Tag Team titles to Manny Fernandez & Dusty Rhodes in a steel cage match; with Kernodle gone from the stable Krusher Kruschev was picked to replace Kernodle on the January 4, 1985, edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling; there are no available records to indicate the Russian Team, in any form, lost the titles prior to this point in 1986)


This week’s edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling starts with a cold-open featuring the finish of the tag team showdown from May 17, 1986, edition of NWA World Wide Wrestling pitting Wahoo McDaniel & Sam Houston against “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin & NWA National Heavyweight Champion (and Four Horsemen) Tully Blanchard. We join the match (taped May 10, 1986) as Tully lands the Slingshot Suplex on Houston to score the pinfall.

Directly after the match Garvin jumps into the ring to put the boots to Houston, which brings in Wahoo to make the save. Wahoo goes after Tully and Garvin until it’s only Wahoo and Garvin in the ring. Wahoo continues to chop Garvin before we cut to the standard NWA WCW open of the era. (This edition of NWA WCW was 90-minutes, though no Atlanta Braves baseball game aired that night on WTBS.)


Coming out of the open we head inside WTBS Studios where David Crockett welcomes us to the show and introduces his co-host Tony Schiavone. Suddenly Jim Cornette crashes the opening, saying there’s a few things he wants to “talk about”, before Tony gives the rundown of the card, promos, and news to come.


Cornette cuts Tony off and holds up a “peace offering” video tape for Baby Doll: the “Mama Cass Elliot Workout” tape. Cornette gripes about the James Boys always striking under the cover of darkness, calling them “cowards”. Cornette says there’s no telling what the James Boys might have done to him had the Midnight Express not been there to save him. Cornette says everyone knows the James Boys are Magnum & Dusty, that Magnum & Dusty think it’s 1875 and they’re Old West outlaws.

Cornette doesn’t like people who drive pickup trucks, spit on the ground, and “listen to Waylon and Willie and Hank and Sam and Pete and Bob”. “They stink”, Cornette says, just like Dusty & Magnum. The Midnight will unmask the two, forcing NWA President Bob Geigel to fine and suspend the pair “indefinitely”, getting the out of wrestling and out of Cornette’s hair. Cornette loses his cool talking about not being able to go anywhere for fear the James Boys will com after him. Cornette walks off and David sends us to the ring for this week’s opening contest.


—“Non-Title Singles Match” (3:01)
Art Pritts vs. NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A.

Good old-fashioned squash match to open the show! Price lands a few shots to start before Magnum cuts him off. Magnum lands a forearm shot before hitting a beautiful snap belly-to-belly suplex for the 1-2-3 at :23-seconds.

WINNER is NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A. (Pin, 0:23)


After the match we get a slow-motion replay of the belly-to-belly suplex before heading back to the announce position where Tony interviews the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Tony talks about the Rock ‘N’ Roll not only being worried about World Champion Ric Flair but the rest of the Four Horsemen as well. Gibson starts by telling fans that the Rock ‘N’ Roll are not splitting up, that he and Morton are just doing singles competition because Ric Flair has been running his mouth.

But, Gibson says, Flair had better understand that the Rock ‘N’ Roll are never going to die. Morton jumps in next, telling Ric Flair to send whoever he wants after them because when the Rock ‘N’ Roll get together all they do is create “stormy weather”. Morton then brings up Ric Flair’s inappropriate comments about the Rock ‘N’ Roll’s young female fans before pulling a giant pair of ladies underpants out from under the desk. The manager at the High Regency, we’re told, wanted Morton to return them to Flair. Morton says that the Rock ‘N’ Roll are coming for Flair before walking off. Tony wraps the interview and sends us to our first Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break we return to the announce position where Tony introduces “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez. Manny calls it a pleasure to speak to the fans on national TV and says that he and Jimmy Valiant got together to cure a common disease: Paul Jones and his Army. Manny talks about facing the Army in San Antonio and speaks to the fans there in Spanish. Manny talks about letting Valiant “boogie woogie” as Jimmy Valiant himself enters the scene.

As Valiant dances Manny says that he and Valiant have come together to give Jones and his Army something they’re not going to like. Valiant says that Manny is his “army” and calls out the members of the Army before producing electric clippers. Valiant turns the clippers on for the microphone to hear and says that with Manny by his side it’s going to be “bald-headed geek time”, and that’s nothing but the gospel. Tony then wraps the interview before sending us to the ring for the next bout.


—Singles Match (7:04)
“Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin vs. Robert Burroughs

This is a long, drawn out squash. Burroughs is no match for Garvin. Garvin easily overpowers the taller Burroughs and uses his strength to keep Burroughs grounded. Garvin shows off a slew of painful, innovative submission holds as he stretches and mauls Burroughs. Finally, after Garvin has had his fun, Garvin delivers a brutal big boot and a back body drop before dropping Burroughs with a stiff right hand punch to forehead for the pinfall at 3:37.

WINNER is “Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin (Pin, 3:37)


Following the match we see a slow-motion replay of the finish before heading back to the interview location for another interview with Jim Cornette. After ripping David Crockett’s clothing Cornette reiterating everything he said earlier about the James Boys. But, Cornette says, he wants to show the people a team always follow the rules, and do everything in the “broad light of the day just like a true champion would”: The Midnight Express!


—“Non-Title Tag Team Match” (10:56)
Rocky Kernodle & Vernon Deaton vs. NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (“Loverboy” Dennis Condrey & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton) w/Jim Cornette

Time for a tag team squash now! As this one gets going Jim Cornette treats us to a few more choice words. Kernodle starts out with Eaton and has a fair bit of success early on, using his speed and athleticism to frustrate Eaton. Kernodle tags in Deaton before Eaton tags in Condrey, who quickly overwhelms Deaton. ON the floor Eaton smacks Deaton around for the cameras to see. The Midnight dominate, executing quick tags and high impact maneuvers to keep Deaton isolated. After a time Deaton tries, for a moment to make a comeback, but it’s not to be. In the end the Champions put Deaton away with their Rocket Launcher finisher, with Condrey launching Eaton atop Deaton, for the pinfall at 5:37.

WINNERS are NWA World Tag Team Champion The Midnight Express (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton & “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette (Pin, 5:37)


After the match the Midnight celebrate as we cut to the next Peacock ad-break. Coming out of the break we head back to the interview location where Tony interviews J.J. Dillon and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard. Tony reminds both that Ron Farvin still wants Tully in a “taped fist” match. Dillon says that Garvin has the “Helter Skelter” effect, that Dusty Rhodes and the other babyfaces look up to Garvin as a leader while Dusty tries to justify why the Horsemen have all the straps.

Dusty’s friends are all out of ideas, Dillon says, so Garvin gets the notion to trick Tully into a “taped fist” match, calling it a “desperate move”, and says that Tully will remain the National Champion. Tully jumps in and says that Dusty got “degraded” when Tully beat him on national TV for the National title, something that rarely happens. Everybody saw Dusty try and help Garvin humiliate Tully, that it’s all a plan by Dusty. But the plan needs “discipline”, which ego gets in the way of. Tully refuses to tape his fists, calling himself the “ultimate professional wrestling machine”.

Dusty had better remind his friends, Tully says, that no matter what they wear or drive they still have to get into the ring and wrestle. This is why he’s the National Heavyweight Champion, and they had better not forget it. As the two walk away Dillon pauses to have Tony examine the National title belt. Does it say punching champion? Dillon asks, or taped fist champion? It says “wrestling champion”, Tony says. “We rest our case!” Tony wraps the interview and sends us to the ring for the next contest.


—Tag Team Match (20:32)
Brodie Chase & Jerry Garmon vs. “The Boogeyman” Jimmy Valiant & “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez

Another tag team squash match. Manny goes after Chase while Valiant dances with fans on the floor. Soon enough Valiant & Manny swarm, slamming, pounding, and brutalizing Chase. Eventually Garmon tags in but meets the same fate as Chase. We are treated to a nice “Bald-Headed-Geek” chant, though, as Paul Jones stands in the shadows to scout his Army’s foes. Manny & Valiant use quick tags as they punish Garmon before fires up, only to eat Manny’s Flying Burrito for the pinfall at 3:41.

WINNERS are Jimmy Valiant & “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez (Pin, 3:41)


Following that bout, and the next Peacock ad-break, we return to the announce position where David Crockett hypes the upcoming Great American Bash ’86 Tour. Tony announces that the Bash Tour will start July 1st in Philadelphia and wrap up on August 2nd in Atlanta at the Atlanta County Stadium. Tony then lists a few of the larger venues they’ll be visiting with the Tour as well as the numerous country music stars that will perform calling it great family entertainment.


Tony then introduces TV Champion Arn Anderson, who calls the Bash Tour one of “greatest sporting events across the nation.” Arn gives us a “recap” of the Four Horsemen “dynasty” and lists the babyfaces, like Magnum, Sam Houston, and Dusty, who stuck their nose in Horsemen business and paid the price. Arn calls Ricky Morton a “human scab” and says that Gibson is next. Arn then announces that the fourth Horseman, Ole Anderson, is on his way back, and says that Dusty & the Road Warrior will get a “rebuttal” for injuring Ole’s leg on January 1, 1986, leaving Baby Doll a “rebel without a cause”. Tony wraps the interview and sends us to the ring for the next bout.


—Tag Team Match (27:41)
Ray Traylor & Carl Stiles vs. The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal)

The Ray Traylor in this squash is the same Ray Traylor who would go on to success as “Big” Bubba Rogers in JCP and Big Boss Man in the WWF. The Road Warriors charge the ring and go straight to work. Road Warrior Hawk goes to work on Stiles as Paul Ellering and Baby Doll stop by at ringside for some scouting. The Road Warriors maul Stiles until Road Warrior Hawk lands a Canadian backbreaker drop for the pinfall at 1:05.

WINNERS are The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) (Pin, 1:05)


After the bout we cut straight to our next Peacock ad-break.


—Singles Match (29:16)
Rocky King vs. “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin w/Precious

If you guessed this would be another squash, you’re right! David Crockett calls Rocky King a “young lion” as this one gets underway. Garvin tries to impose his will from the opening bell as King uses his athleticism and speed to get the better of Garvin until the two get against the ropes, where Garvin drops the hammer. Though King tries time and again to get something going the match belongs to Garvin. In the end, after dropping King throat-first across the top rope, Garvin lands a back body drop and the brainbuster for the pinfall at 2:37.

WINNER is “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin w/Precious (Pin, 2:37)


Following the match Garvin shares a kiss with Precious before we cut to the next Peacock as-break. After the break we return to the interview location where Tony interviews Jimmy Garvin, video tape in hand, with Precious. Garvin says the tape is footage Precious got of Wahoo McDaniel at the Indian reservation, “crying like a baby”. Tony then tosses to the same footage that opened the show. We see more of the post-match fight, though, including Tully attacking Wahoo from behind and Garvin hitting Wahoo with the brainbuster on the concrete floor.

Back at the interview location Garvin brags about the hurt they’ve put on Wahoo, but says he’ll wait to show the reservation tape till next week. Garvin then rips the “Jezebel” Baby Doll for being on WTBS, that she makes Garvin sick. Garvin apologizes to Precious for having to see Baby Doll and calls Precious the one and only valet of the country. Garvin brags some more and shares another kiss with Precious before calling Baby Doll a “loose woman” and walking off. Tony wraps the promo and tosses to the ring for the next match.


—Tag Team Match (34:54)
Bob Peters & Jim Dawson vs. NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Russian Team (Ivan & Nikita Koloff)

This is a long, drawn out squash. The Koloffs maul Peters & Dawson before we head to a mid-match Peacock ad-break. After the break the heels continue to work over Peters & Dawson, using quick tags and referee distractions. In the end Nikita tags in and drops Dawson with a standing Russian Sickle before knocking Peters off the apron and scoring the pinfall on Dawson at 3:18.

WINNERS are NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Russian Team (Ivan & Nikita Koloff) (Pin, 3:18)


After the match we head to a replay of the finish. Next we cut to the interview area where Ivan sets the Six-Man Tag Team trophy on the desk. Tony tells the Russians that Dusty & the Road Warriors say they’re going to take the Six-Man titles tonight in Baltimore in the cage. Ivan jumps is, saying Dusty & the Road Warriors think they have the Russians trapped but the Russians have Baron Von Raschke and will destroy Dusty & the Road Warriors tonight. Ivan complains about the fans chanting “U-S-A” and wonders why, despite WTBS being the home of the 1986 Goodwill Games, the Russian flag is not hanging up with the others.

Ivan then turns to Magnum T.A., saying that he and cousin Nikita have agreed to the Magnum T.A.’s contract for a televised U.S. title match but says there are a few “stipulations”, like talking with Magnum later today. Nikita Koloff jumps in and says that Magnum T.A. is going to pay and that he’s unafraid of the Road Warriors. They’ve hurt the Road Warriors once and will again. Tony wraps the interview, hypes Magnum’s rebuttal, and tosses to the next Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break Tony talks about how successful the 1986 Jim Crockett, Sr., Memorial Tag Team Cup Tournament in New Orleans was for the NWA and JCP. Tony then introduces Baltimore promoter Gary Juster and announces that the 1987 Crockett Cup will be held April 10 & 11, 1987, at the Baltimore Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Tony shakes Juster’s hand and talks about Juster not only scoring the ‘87 Crockett Cup, and the Bash Tour for RFK Stadium, but tonight’s big card at the Civic Center featuring the steel cage Six-Man Tag title match. Juster says it’s an honor to play host for the 1987 Crockett Cup before Tony tries to wrap the interview. Juster jumps in then, slyly hoping for a title change in the cage in Baltimore tonight (which coincidentally did happen). Tony then tosses to the ring for the next contest.


—Tag Team Match (42:13)
Gene Ligon & Randy Mulkey vs. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

This one is hardly even a match. Gibson starts with Mulkey before Morton makes the blind tag. Morton lands a dropkick and tags Gibson back in. The two try for their double dropkick finish but only Morton connects. Still, it’s enough for the 1-2-3 at :24-seconds.

WINNERS are The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (Pin, 0:24)


Following the match we cut to the interview location where Tony introduces NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. If ever there was a day for Flair to be “stylin’ and profilin’”, Flair says, “today is the day!” We then get a look at Flair’s wardrobe, from shoes to sunglasses, as Flair tells us that he is what the World Heavyweight Champion was meant to look like. When the “good Lord” created man He meant for them all to look like Ric Flair. Flair dings the Rock ‘N’ Roll, puts over the Midnight Express, says that Tully has Garvin’s number while Arn has Dusty’s.

The Road Warriors, Flair says, may have the “Crockett Cup”, but the World title is what they all really want to have. Road Warrior Hawk may have the big arms and neck, Flair says, but there’s not a woman alive who doesn’t call Ric Flair “the breakfast of champions”! Someday Flair and Road Warrior Hawk are going to face and Road Warrior Hawk will be left asking for Flair’s autograph after Flair slaps Road Warrior Hawk and rides off in his limousine. Flair tells Tony to give his wife Flair’s fondest regards before departing. Tony wraps the interview and we head to the next Peacock ad-break.


Coming out of the break we head back to the announce position where Frank & Jesse James, the James Boys, join Tony for an interview. Jesse (Magnum) starts by talking about Jim Cornette losing his head over the Midnight Express not being able to handle the James Boys, saying Cornette will have to deal with the James Boys on their own terms. They’re not going to make threats, it’s just going to be like thieves in the night; the James Boys will do their business and be gone, and only then will it be over.

Frank (Dusty) says the wrestling world knows why they’re here, and that what happened to the Midnight in the parking lot was no accident, it was an “attention getter”. Frank says the James Boys run wild and will do anything imaginable to the Midnight. If Jim Cornette can prove who the James Boys are, Frank says, then prove it, then fight. Frank says that Baby Doll (quoting the Bob Dylan song “Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts”) may have “had some strange affairs, even once tired suicide” but that “she’s lookin’ to do one good deed before she dies.” When the rope is tight around the Midnight’s neck and their tongues are hanging out, Frank says, he wants them to look up to ceiling and let Frank know how it feels. The two walk off and Tony wraps the interview before tossing to the ring for the next bout.


—Tag Team Match (48:31)
Mike Simani & Bill Mulkey vs. The Barbarian & “Shaska” Pez Whatley w/Paul Jones

Another squash match here. Barbarian starts with Simani and easily imposes his will, trouncing Simani before tagging Whatley in. “Shaska” Pez picks up where Barbarian left off, strutting as he batters Simani. Whatley spits on Simani before tossing Simani to the floor where Paul Jones and Barbarian work Simani over. Back in the ring Whatley continues the assault before forcing Simani to tag Mulkey. In a flash Whatley drops Mulkey with a running spear/headbutt before tagging Barbarian, who finishes Mulkey off with a top rope headbutt for the pinfall at 3:14.

WINNERS are The Barbarian & “Shaska” Pez Whatley w/Paul Jones (Pin, 3:14)


After the break we head back to the announce position where Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll join Tony for an interview. Dusty talks about passing the James Boys like ships in the night before talking about dealing with the Four Horsemen and Arn Anderson. Dusty mockingly talks about the fourth Horseman coming back and their vow to take the “American Dream” out for good. Someday it will be Dusty who has all the gold. Dusty says Ric Flair needs to worry about who he faces on the Bash Tour, that Dusty will dictate the terms. Baby Doll jumps in next and promises to embarrass and hurt Cornette on the Bash Tour. As Dusty & Baby Doll depart Tony wraps the interview and sends us to the ring for this week’s final bout.


—Singles Match (54:09)
Tony Zane vs. Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones

One final squash match for the week. Von Raschke stalks Zane around the ring before slowly going to work. The slow moving Von Raschke is all over Zane, choking and gouging as he goes. Von Raschke continues to dominate before Zane reverses an Irish whip in the corner and attempts a comeback. Von Raschke cuts Zane off, though, and quickly swarms. Soon enough Von Raschke begins to goose step around the ring before cinching in the dreaded Claw hold for the pinfall at 1:44.

WINNER is Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones (Pin, 1:44)


Following the match Von Raschke holds on to the Claw until Paul Jones instructs Von Raschke to release it. We then cut to the announce position where Tony prepares to interview U.S. Champion Magnum T.A. Tony begins by reminding Magnum (and the viewers) that the Koloffs agreed to a televised U.S. title match but demand to speak with Magnum person-to-person first. Ivan Koloff suddenly appears, saying he just wants to deliver a message for the Kremlin.

Ivan says that Magnum showed great courage to face Nikita in a “chain”match, even though Magnum lost, and says that Magnum showed “spirit” to come to terms on the televised U.S. title match. There are a couple of “small stipulations”, Ivan says. Namely that the two hold a press conference for the media to know all about the match. Ivan wants Magnum to know that he is from an “inferior country”, is an “inferior athlete”, and doesn’t stand a chance of keeping his title against Nikita.


As Ivan drifts away Magnum explodes, shouting about Koloff coming on American television and calling them inferior, saying the Russians don’t dictate a thing to Magnum. Magnum reminds the Russians that he signed the contract on day one to defend the U.S. title against Nikita on national TV because that’s the way Magnum wanted it. Magnum may have lost the “chain” match, but Nikita didn’t get the job done; Magnum is still standing. Magnum tells Ivan to call his press conference, but says talk and signed papers don’t matter.

Not until the “final confrontation” takes place on national TV, and the “red-blooded American” takes on the “Commie”, will it be over and Magnum can walk with his “head held high”. Nikita is just a “Russian dog”, and the U.S. title will stay with Magnum if Magnum has to give his “final breath” for it. Magnum storms off as Tony wraps the interview and hypes the Nikita/Magnum press conference to come before wrapping up this week’s show and signing off, sending us to the show-closing credits.


Final Thoughts

This is an action-packed, story-filled edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling! In one hour we get ten matches! While the action is the squash variety, it’s far from boring. Watching Garvin, the Road Warriors, and the Midnight Express do their thing, each at or near the height of their talents, is never a bad day. So, if you like hard-hitting, stiff squash action (who doesn’t?) and great promos from some of the very best to ever do it, then what are waiting for?! Whether you’ve never seen this edition of NWA WCW or it’s been a while, you can hop on over to the WWE Network and Peacock right now to enjoy it. Who knows, you might actually like it, and that’s never a bad thing!

Already subscribed to the WWE Network on Peacock? Then you can relive the classic edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling right now or experience it for the very first time! As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

For pre-WNN editions of Throwback Thursday, click here!

Thanks for reading – until next week, see ya at ringside!



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