ICW Fight Club Quick Results (07/23/22) Feat. Eight Man Tag Main Event, Zero-G Champ In Action and More


Scotland’s ICW is one of the four independent promotions currently offered on Peacock/WWE Network, which they started supporting on there since August 2020. ICW Fight Club has been putting out new episodes on a weekly basis since November 2020. ICW features four championships (ICW World Heavyweight, ICW Zero-G, ICW Tag Team and ICW Women’s World Championships). Although it’s not entirely exclusive to Peacock/WWE Network, ICW has their own streaming service, it is the first service the show gets watched on (albeit on-demand). Because it’s a first-run show, we will provide quick results for ICW Fight Club every week until it is no longer first-run.

Below are the latest ICW Fight Club results from 07/23/22:

  1. ICW Zero-G Champion Dylan Thorn defeated Green Phantom by pinfall.
  2. Moxie Malone defeated Ellie Armstrong by submission.
  3. Lou King Sharpe, Kreiger and The Young Team defeated ICW Tag Team Champions Kings of the North and KoE by pinfall.

Non-match notes:

  • Jack Jester came out to call out ICW World Heavyweight Champion Kez Evans, who came out in a suit. Evans gave Jester a signed 8 X 10 picture for his 40th birthday and tried to have Jester pay for the picture, leading to Jester shredding the photo. Evans then ran down Jester’s looks, called him a hasbeen and proposed 10.000 pounds to back out of the Shug’s Hoose Party title match. Jester says that Evans will get 2015 Jester and regret bringing the year up. Square Go briefcase winner Leyton Buzzard came out to announce that he will chase the World Championship after his match with BT Gunn at Shug’s. This prompted BT Gunn to come out and call out on Buzzard, leading to Gunn attacking Buzzard to end the opening segment.
  • Green Phantom made his WWE Network/Peacock and ICW debut on this episode.
  • After the opening match, ADM congratulated Zero-G Champion Dylan Thorn and said that he believes in Thorn retaining his Zero-G Championship.
  • Mark Haskins talked about his match with Stevie James at Shug’s backstage.
  • Moxie Malone called for a worthy opponent after Angel Hayze wasn’t available at this episode.
  • “Jackie Polo” gave four trainees the chance to be a member of Polo Promotions before announcing his executive vice president, Denise, who gave the trainees/candidates a pep talk. After some rope running, Polo announced that all four are safe for the week, but next week, one will be eliminated.
  • Moxie Malone said that her match with Ellie Armstrong is what she should’ve had with Angel Hayze and promised that they will finally face off one day.
  • Che Monet did a promo outside to call out The Manifesto and proposed Eddie Castle a match at Shug’s Hoose Party Night 1.
  • Saqib Ali and Chris Toal said that the “Jackie Polo” charade ends at Shug’s Hoose Party.

Announced for next week on ICW Fight Club (07/30/22):

  • Saqib Ali vs Theo Doros.
  • Andy Wild vs Mark Haskins.
  • The Polo Promotions competition continues.

So, what do you think? Did you check out this episode yet, and if not, do you intend to? Did you enjoy this week’s episode of ICW Fight Club? What was your favorite match and/or segment on the show? Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts on these questions and anything else pertaining to ICW Fight Club in the comments section down below.

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