Throwback Thursday: NWA World Championship Wrestling (May 21, 1988), As Seen on WW Network and Peacock



This week Throwback Thursday revisits a classic edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling, as seen on the WWE Network and Peacock, that aired 34 years ago this month!

By the end of May 1988 the chickens were coming home to roost for Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP). Years of over-expansion, over-spending, and over-booking were taking their toll. The year prior, in March 1987, Jim Crockett, Jr., agreed to purchase Bill Watts’ foundering Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) in a deal that earned Crockett arena contracts and access to a slew of new television markets that, combined with their exclusive deal with Superstation WTBS, gave Crockett the kind of national exposure he could once only dream of. But the UWF deal also came with substantial debt from the very same arena and TV contracts that Crockett so coveted, debt Crockett could have avoided had Crockett pursued the same contracts only after UWF had gone under. But Crockett had been buying out territories the same way for some time, choosing to buy the rival promotions lock, stock, and barrel rather than pursuing arena contracts, TV markets, and key talent in separate deals after the promotion had folded, similar to the strategy that Vince McMahon used to build the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) into a national juggernaut. But the single biggest blow came on Thanksgiving Night 1987 when Vince McMahon counter-programmed JCP’s Starrcade ’87: Chi-Town Heat with the inaugural Survivor Series, leveraging future access to WrestleMania IV to force all but five cable companies to air the WWF PPV rather than JCP’s. While some 320,000 homes purchased Survivor Series, only 20,000 bought Starrcade ’87, turning what was supposed to be JCP’s national coming-out party into a financial bloodletting. Two more head-to-head events occurred, one in January ’88 (JCP’s Bunkhouse Stampede Finals PPV against WWF’s inaugural Royal Rumble on USA Network) and again on March 27, 1988 (WWF’s WrestleMania IV PPV against the inaugural Clash of the Champions on WTBS), before cable and PPV providers put an end to the programming war. By that time, however, the damage was already done. While the money was running short, though, the spending never stopped. Limos, two private jets, a new office in Dallas with marble floors, four- and five-star hotel accommodations, and high six-figure contracts (with balloon payments) were still the norm. In April 1988 JCP hit the wall. The promotion would need a million dollar infusion just to get through the Great American Bash Tour, they were told, before finding they needed an addition million on top of that to get to the end of the 1988. With the help of Jim Barnett, who helped broker Vince McMahon’s infamous “Black Saturday” deal with Ted Turner, Jim Crockett, Jr., began preliminary discussion with Ted Turner about selling JCP to WTBS in the days before this edition of World Championship Wrestling aired. While much has been made of Dusty Rhodes’ job as head booker for JCP, it was far from the root cause or the final straw for the promotion. JCP was simply out of money, and out of time. All that was left to do was cry and point fingers.



The top story in the NWA at the time this edition of World Championship Wrestling hit airwaves was Barry Windham winning the U.S. Heavyweight title and joining the Four Horsemen. Other top stories included the ongoing war between Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Garvin over Precious, the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette’s saga with the Fantastics over the U.S. Tag Team titles, Dusty Rhodes’ simmering blood feud with Tully Blanchard, and the rapid rise of Sting. Away from the ring the top song in the country belonged to Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s “Anything For You” while George Michael’s Faith continued to dominate the album charts. On television NBC’s The Cosby Show and A Different World tied in the battle for ratings supremacy as Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, starring Bubba Smith, David Graf, and Michael Winslow, was the top film in theaters.

Now let’s fire up the WWE Network on Peacock, hit ‘play’, and see how this edition of WCW holds up in 2022!

Edits aren’t an issue with this edition of NWA WCW on the WWE Network and Peacock. All home video promos have been removed as have any and all live event promos. Some of the music, for obvious reasons, has been overdubbed or otherwise removed. Context, meanwhile, is solid. Most of the prior editions of WCW, dating back to November 1985, as well as all prior NWA/JCP closed-circuit and PPV events and inaugural edition of Clash of the Champions, are available for you to enjoy on the WWE Network and Peacock right now!


NWA World Championship Wrestling (WATCH)
Date: May 21, 1988 (TAPED: May 21, 1988) – Location: WTBS Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance: N/A – TV Ratings: N/A
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, & David Crockett – Interviews: David Crockett

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (November 26, 1987, NWA Starrcade ’87: Chi-Town Heat, from “Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin; this match was a “steel cage” match)
NWA United States Heavyweight Champion: Barry Windham (May 13, 1988, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, defeated Nikita Koloff in finals of a one-night, 7-man tournament; the U.S. Heavyweight title had been vacated after then-United States Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes inadvertently struck Jim Crockett, Jr., with a baseball bat while trying to save the injured Magnum T.A. from an attack at the hands of Tully Blanchard; Rhodes was formally stripped of the U.S. Heavyweight title on April 15, 1988 and suspended 120-days, a suspension that would be overturned thanks to lobbying by Houston promoter Paul Boesch; the 7-man tournament also included Midnight Rider (Italian Stallion under a mask), Lex Luger, Nikita Koloff, Al Perez, Ivan Koloff, and then-World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard, who received a bye to the semi-final round)
NWA World Television Champion: Mike Rotunda (January 26, 1988, Raleigh, North Carolina, from Nikita Koloff)
NWA World Women’s Champion: Debbie Combs (April 10, 1987, Kansas City, Missouri, defeating Penny Mitchell to win vacant title; the World Women’s Championship had been vacated the prior year when promoter Bob Geigel bought his Kansas City territory back from Jim Crockett, Jr., withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance, and founded the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA), a new sanctioning body Geigel hoped would supersede the NWA and compete with nationally expanding WWF and JCP; whether Combs won the title in a tournament in Hawaii the prior day or defeated Mitchell in a singles match to claim the gold remains unclear; As a member of the NWA, Jim Crockett Promotions recognized Misty Blue Simmes, then-U.S. Women’s Champion, as their Women’s Champion)
NWA United States Women’s Champion: Misty Blue Simmes (September 10, 1986; information about this title change, including location, circumstances, and participants is, unfortunately, unavailable at this time; Jim Crockett Promotions recognized Misty Blue Simmes as their Women’s World Champion after Bob Geigel pulled out of the NWA in late 1987 and recognized Debbie Combs as the World Women’s Champion of his new World Wrestling Alliance)
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Nelson Royal (October 16, 1987, Columbia, South Carolina, defeated Denny Brown to win vacant title; title was vacated after then-World Junior Heavyweight Champion Lazor Tron (Hector Guerrero) left JCP)
NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion: Rick Steiner (January 26, 1988, Raleigh, North Carolina; Steiner was given the Florida Heavyweight title after then-Champion Mike Rotunda defeated Nikita Koloff for the NWA World Television Championship)
NWA Western States Heritage Champion: Larry Zbyszko (January 24, 1988, NWA Bunkhouse Stampede Finals ’88, from Barry Windham; this would be the final title change in the history of the Western States Heritage title and Larry Zbyszko would be the final recognized Western States Heritage Champion; the title would be retired in December 1988 when Zbyszko left the NWA for the AWA)
NWA World Tag Team Champions (Mid-Atlantic): The Four Horsemen (“The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) (April 23, 1988, NWA World Championship Wrestling, taped April 20, 1988, from Lex Luger & Barry Windham; Barry Windham turned on his partner Lex Luger during this match, joining the Four Horsemen and helping Anderson & Blanchard win the World Tag Team titles)
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Ivan Koloff & The Powers of Pain (Barbarian & Warlord) (February 12, 1988, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes & The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal))
NWA United States Tag Team Champions: The Fantastics (May 14, 1988, NWA World Wide Wrestling, taped April 26, 1988, from the Midnight Express (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton & “Sweet” Stan Lane))


This week’s edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling opens with footage from last week’s WCW, taped on May 11, 1988, in Tallahassee, Florida, of the Garvins (Jimmy & Ron) frantically looking for Jimmy’s valet Precious. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, calling the action from ringside, tell Jimmy that Kevin Sullivan kidnapped Precious. The Garvins take off to the locker room, ignoring the match in the ring, and find Precious hiding under a counter in one of the backstage rooms. Precious shrieks to be left alone and freaks out further as Jimmy and Ron try to get her from under the counter. As Jimmy closes the door, shutting the camera crew out, we cut to the usual WCW open of the era.


We then join Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, and David Crockett in the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Tony welcomes us to the show and introduces Ross and Crockett before Jim Ross and David Crockett hype tomorrow night’s big five-dollar supercard at The Omni in Atlanta. David then teases news to come in the coming weeks about the summer and, presumably, the Great American Bash Tour ’88, before putting over the NWA and it’s wrestlers as Tony tosses to the ring for our opening bout.


—“Non-Title Singles Match” (2:38)
David Isley vs. NWA World Tag Team Champion “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/James J. Dillon

This is an overlong squash that nearly drags the pace of this show to a standstill. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone use the opening match as a backdrop to hype the big Omni show tomorrow night. Arn Anderson, rocking some ill advised bangs, takes his sweet time in slowly (slowly) battering Isley all over the ring. Though Isley gets a few flickers of offense in here and there this match is all Arn Anderson. In the end Anderson lands his gordbuster for the pinfall at 4:27.

WINNER is NWA World Tag Team Champion “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/James J. Dillon (Pin, 4:27)


After the match we get a replay of the finish before heading to the announce position where David Crockett interviews James J. Dillon and World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard, joined by fellow World Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson and U.S. Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham, of the Four Horsemen, about facing Sting, Lex Luger, and Dusty Rhodes in a six-man tag team showdown tomorrow night at the Omni. Dillon says we’re going to find out what the Horsemen are all about tomorrow night. Dillon runs down the participants in the match, putting over Arn, Tully, and the new U.S. Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham before handing the interview off to Tully Blanchard. Tully says that despite Dusty’s best efforts over past three years the Four Horsemen are still going and better than ever with addition of Barry Windham. Tully then dives into the Bash Tour ’88, talking about the “barbed wire” match to come on June 10, 1988 in Houston, Texas at the Sam Houston Coliseum between himself and Dusty Rhodes. Tully says he’s no stranger to barbed wire and doesn’t care about getting “scarred up” because Tully doesn’t plan on doing commercials for a living, he’s “just wrestlin’ for a livin’”. Everyone in the Four Horsemen have wanted to put Dusty out for a long time, but Tully says he’s actually going to do it in Houston, Texas. Nobody in, nobody out, Tully says. And Tully’s going to take Dusty “all night long”! As the Horsemen walk away David tosses to our first Peacock ad-break with a promo for tomorrow night’s edition of NWA Main Event on WTBS.


NWA World Television Championship (10:27)
Trent Knight vs. Mike Rotunda(c) w/Kevin Sullivan & NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Rick Steiner

Rotunda’s entrance music, “Mr. Touchdown U.S.A.”, is overdubbed here but none of the commentary has been muted. This match is a fun study in heel psychology. At no time is this bout is Rotunda or the TV title in any kind of jeopardy. That doesn’t stop Rotunda, Sullivan, and Steiner from heeling up simply because they can and, most importantly, want to. Knight manages a few moments of fire but these are quickly snuffed out by the Varsity Club. After all three men have a chance to get a piece of Knight, and prove how bad they really are, Rotunda hits a crisp, textbook butterfly suplex on Knight for the pinfall at 2:45 to retain the World Television Championship.

WINNER and STILL NWA World Television Champion, Mike Rotunda(c) w/Kevin Sullivan & NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Rick Steiner (Pin, 2:45)


Following the match we get a replay on the finish before heading back to the announce position where David Crockett interviews “Gamesmaster” Kevin Sullivan about the recent issues with Jimmy Garvin and Precious. Sullivan says that he’s done nothing to Patty but tell the truth. People call her “Precious” but, Sullivan says, her name is Patty, and that’s the truth. Sullivan says he knew Patty long before Jimmy Garvin did, and that’s the truth. Lastly, Sullivan says, they should have Patty come out and have her tell the truth. As Steiner and Rotunda jostle over screen time behind Sullivan, nearly knocking Sullivan completely off track in the process, Sullivan says we should wait and see how Patty reacts to Sullivan tomorrow night at the Omni during their elimination tag team match, because for the first time Patty isn’t confused. Sullivan says that when he builds his “Tower of Doom” only one thing can happen, two sides enter, one side leaves. Patty will then come home. Sullivan then reminds Jimmy Garvin of Patty saying she had something else to do the other day when Jimmy was flying his plane. “Well, I was the thing she had to do, Jimmy Garvin, ” Sullivan says. The Varsity Club storm off the set and David Crockett tosses to our next Peacock ad-break with a promo for Clash of the Champions II: Miami Mayhem on June 8, 1988.


Back from break we join Tony and J.R. at the announce position. Tony hypes tomorrow night’s big six-man tag between the Horsemen and Luger, Dusty, & Sting before setting up footage of Sting in action. J.R. hypes Sting as one of the most “dynamic” wrestlers in NWA history and tosses to the pre-recorded footage, after which David Crockett will interview Sting.


Singles Match (16:55)
TAPED: May 20, 1988 – Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
Max McGyver vs. Sting

Sting’s entrance music is not overdubbed here, though it sounds like it has been. Complete and total squash here. Sting backs McGyver into the corner before delivering a Stinger Splash and cinching in the Scorpion Deathlock for the quick submission win at just :34-seconds.

WINNER is Sting (Submission, 0:34)


After the match we stay with the footage from Norfolk as David Crockett climbs in the ring to interview Sting. There’s a young fan that Sting wants to bring into the ring but the kid is freaking out and no coaxing in the world is going to get the kid in the ring. Sting talks about how the kids dressed in the paint with the spike haircut and the coming of the Great American Bash Tour get the Stinger really excited! The best part, Sting says, is being in the middle of all the people, who he wishes could be right up in the ring with him. Sting shouts his excitement for the coming Bash Tour before the interview ends and we head to our next Peacock ad-break with another promo for tomorrow night’s NWA Main Event.


—“Non-Title Singles Match” (20:08)
Ryan Wagner vs. NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham w/James J. Dillon

Windham’s arrogance gets the better of him as this one gets going, with Windham walking into a Wagner arm drag. Windham regroups, backs Wagner into the corner, and delivers a series of right hands before taking full control of the match. Windham dissects Wagner before hitting his running lariat for the pinfall at 2:47.

WINNER is NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham w/James J. Dillon (Pin, 2:47)


Following the match, and a replay of the finish, we head back to the announce position where David Crockett interviews James J. Dillon and United States Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham. Dillon starts by taking a moment to tell Barry how much he has always respected Windham as an athlete but how magnificent he now sees Windham is since Windham dropped his “hangups” and joined the Four Horsemen. Windham starts by saying he will try to “carry the banner like a true Horseman” before talking about how he “carried the banner for the other side” for a long time before becoming a true Horseman. Windham says that the U.S. Heavyweight title means he’s the best at what he does, and warns Lex Luger that he had better be prepared for facing Barry Windham in this new mode. Barry says he’s only shown his true colors because he wanted to. With his fellow Horsemen, Windham says, he will lead the “crusade” against Luger, Dusty, & Sting. But when it comes to Luger, Windham says, he’s going to teach Luger a wrestling lesson that Luger has needed for a very long time. Windham then says that Dusty is no longer the teacher and that Windham became the man Dusty always wanted to be. Windham walks away saying he’s going to show us something we “don’t know about.” David wraps the interview and sends us to our next Peacock ad-break with a promo for Clash of the Champions II.


Singles Match (26:21)
Keith Steinborn vs. Al Perez w/Gary Hart

This is yet another squash. Though Steinborn has his moments he’s not match for Al Perez or Gary Hart, who gets his own shots in on the floor. This is another example of simple heel psychology, breaking the rules because Perez can and wants to, and is a fun study for those wanting to get a better understanding of fundamental heel psychology. In the end, after toying with Steinborn, Perez cinches in a great looking spinning toe hold for the submission victory at 3:39.

WINNER is Al Perez w/Gary Hart (Submission, 3:39)


After the match Al Perez keeps going after Steinborn’s leg before referee Teddy Long warns him off. We then see a replay of the action before heading to a Peacock ad-break with a promo for NWA Main Event. (Originally there was promo for the Jim Crockett, Sr. Memorial Cup VHS here, but that has, for obvious reasons, been removed and replaced.) Back in WTBS Studios David Crockett interviews Dusty Rhodes about facing the Horsemen tomorrow night. Dusty says he knows how Lex Luger feels because of just how close Dusty had been with Barry Windham. Dusty says he’s tried to talk with Windham, to get it all straightened out because it burns in Dusty’s gut too. But in Omni tomorrow night, Dusty says, there’s going to be some kind of “response”, and the Omni is going to be “on fire”. Some people can get to the line, Dusty says, but can’t get over it. And that’s something Barry Windham needs to be thinking about before Lex Luger hurts him. Dusty walks away as David wraps the interview and tosses to yet another Peacock ad-break with yet another NWA Main Event promo.


—“Non-Title Singles Match” (32:51)
David Spearman vs. NWA World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard w/James J. Dillon

This is yet another squash. Spearman has his moments where he’s able to get some offense in but Tully manages to cut it off before it gets to far along. Tully tortures Spearman, showing off how tough he is to beat, before Spearman fires up again. Tully cuts Spearman off again and, after some more torture, hits a big slingshot suplex for the 1-2-3 at 3:49.

WINNER is NWA World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard w/James J. Dillon (Pin, 3:49)


Following the match, and a replay of the finish, we head back to the announce position where David Crockett interviews Lex Luger, asking Luger what happens when Luger stands across from Windham, his one time friend, tomorrow night in the Omni. Luger says he saw Windham earlier, looking good and confident with his “new, shiny U.S. title around his waist” and all his new, good friends. Windham is on top of the world, with the elite group in wrestling, Luger says, but you can never judge a book by its cover. All the glitz and glamour of the Horsemen is a “facade”, Luger says. They exude class and smile for the fans and live off the appreciation of the fans when deep down the Horsemen are “trash”. And when you hang around trash, Luger says, you start to smell like trash, and Luger can smell Windham coming from a mile away. At some point in the Omni tomorrow night Windham is going to have to get in the ring and face up to what Windham’s done to Luger, Dusty, the rest of the locker room, and the fans that supported Windham all these years. At the Omni, Luger says, nearly taking his own eye out in the process, he, Dusty, and Sting are going to be “trash collectors”, taking pieces of the Horsemen’s bodies with them after they win. David wraps the interview and tosses to the ring for the next match.


Tag Team Match (39:46)
Rick Paradise & Rick Allen vs. The Varsity Club (“Gamesmaster” Kevin Sullivan & NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Rick Steiner) w/NWA World Television Champion Mike Rotunda

The Varsity Club’s entrance music is muted as it was for the Rotunda match but there’s no missing commentary. This is a fun tag team squash. All three members of the Varsity Club get their turn at Paradise & Allen in what can only be described as complete destruction. As Sullivan & Steiner maul the two we head to a quick Peacock ad-break. Coming out of the break we get more of the same, with Steiner & Sullivan gleefully destroying Allen. In the end Rick Steiner hits a devastating belly-to-belly suplex before tagging in Sullivan. Sullivan drops Allen with a stiff lariat and puts Allen away with the gut stomp for the pinfall at 4:00.

WINNERS are The Varsity Club (“Gamesmaster” Kevin Sullivan & NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Rick Steiner) w/NWA World Television Champion Mike Rotunda (Pin, 4:00)


After the match, and a replay of the action, we head to David Crockett and the announce position for an interview with Worlds Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. Flair says that the NWA will set Atlanta “on fire” tomorrow night. Flair calls out “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Flair’s opponent in the Omni tomorrow night, and tells Williams that he, like everyone else, has to learn to love it, whether he likes it or not, because Flair and the Horsemen are “the best thing going today!” Flair says that Williams has put his credentials on the line by telling the world that he’s ready to be Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Flair then compares Williams to being a loser like Boston Celtic great Larry Bird will be tomorrow night against the Atlanta Hawks. (The Celtics were playing the Atlanta Hawks in Boston on May 22, 1988 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, a game the Celtics would win 118 – 116 to take the series.) Both Larry Bird and Steve Williams, Flair says, will learn first-hand why “we are the best there is! WOOO!” Flair walks away as David wraps the interview and tosses to the next Peacock ad-break with a promo for Clash of the Champions II on June 8.


Singles Match (47:15)
Bob Riddle vs. Nikita Koloff

Though Bob Riddle is game and tries his best to get something going this match is another squash. Koloff takes the fight to Riddle, easily cutting off what offense Riddle attempts to get going, before landing stiff running back elbow in the corner. As Riddle stumbles out of the corner Koloff comes off the ropes with the Russian Sickle for the 1-2-3 at 2:05.

WINNER is Nikita Koloff (Pin, 2:05)


Following the match we see a replay of the finish before heading to a Peacock ad-break with a promo for tomorrow night’s NWA Man Event. Coming out of the break we join David Crockett at the announce position for an interview with Gary Hart and Al Perez. David asks Hart about Perez facing Nikita Koloff tomorrow night at the Omni and Hart responds by saying that many wrestlers have stood by Gary Hart’s side in the Omni in Atlanta but that none of them was finer or more prepared to beat Koloff than Al Perez. Hart hypes the $5 tickets for the upper balcony by telling the ladies to show up to see the “Latin Heartthrob” Al Perez in person to take down the “ugliest man in professional wrestling”. Not only will Nikita be uglier after the match but Perez is going to lay Koloff out and clamp on the spinning toe hold to see if they can make Koloff scream loud enough for the folks in Moscow to hear him, like the fans in $5 seats will. Hart says he’s a man who knows what he’s talking about when he says that Perez is the best thing to hit the NWA is a while and advises Koloff to bring what he’s got to the Omni because about 20 minutes into the match, when Koloff’s tongue is hanging out, Perez is going to blow kisses to the ladies in the $5 seats. Perez then says that tomorrow night is the night to prove he’s better than Koloff. Hart closes the show by saying he doesn’t want any “right-wing, liberal honkys” chanting “go, Nikita, go” because “we don’t like that in Atlanta”. David wraps the interview and sends us to the ring for our final match.


—“Non-Title Match” (52:28)
Dark Star vs. NWA Western States Heritage Champion Larry Zbyszko

Though Dark Star puts up a decent fight against Zbyszko it is just isn’t enough. Zbyszko is just too much for Star. Zbyszko out-wrestles and outsmarts Star before eventually landing a big swinging neck breaker (a la Honky Tonk Man) for the pinfall win at 2:05.

WINNER is NWA Western States Heritage Champion Larry Zbyszko (Pin, 2:05)


After the match we see a replay of the finish before heading to our final Peacock ad-break with a promo for Clash of the Champions II. Following the break we head back to the announce position where David Crockett is joined by Jim Cornette, manager of the Midnight Express. Crockett begins by asking Cornette how the cake tasted, referring to the Fantastics shoving Cornette’s face into a cake on the May 7, 1988 edition of WCW, a cake that was part of Cornette’s celebration party for the U.S. Tag Team titles being returned to the Midnight Express. Instead the titles stayed with the Fantastics and the Fantastics crammed Cornette’s face into the cake for good measure. Cornette says he had his face stuck in the cake for fifteen-seconds while David Crockett has had his face stuck in ugly for 35 years. Cornette goes on a rant about the Fantastics being on a roll as of late and says they have one mountain yet to climb, getting their hands on Cornette and whipping Cornette with a belt. Cornette says the Fantastics says they’ll never come close to whipping him because they still have the Midnight Express breathing down their necks. The Great American Bash Tour is going to be hot, Cornette says, but tomorrow night in the Omni may be the beginning and the end of the “longest, hottest summer that you’ve ever had to sweat through, brother.” The stipulation tomorrow night, Cornette says, is ten lashes with a leather strap to the loser. The Fantastics, Cornette says, worked it into the contract that if the Fantastics win then the Fantastics get to whip Eaton, Lane, and Cornette with the leather strap. Cornette continues to rant about whipping the Fantastics, shouting about how he’s not crazy, as the credits roll and the show wraps!


Final Thoughts

This is a jam-packed edition of World Championship Wrestling! It also goes a long way in illustrating the depth of the JCP brand. In the face of almost certain financial doom JCP was still capable of producing a show worth watching with one of the all-time greatest rosters ever assembled. Nine matches fill out this one hour of TV along with some of the best promos one is likely to find in a one hour show. Despite the matches all being squashes the action is great. Each match, each wrestler plays a part in the larger story and those going forward. There is very little fat to be found here aside from the overlong opener. If you haven’t seen this edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling you won’t regret seeking this fun show out. There is a lot to like here, in spite of the squash matches. Who knows, you might actually like it, and that’s never a bad thing.

Already subscribed to the WWE Network? Then you can relive this classic edition of NWA World Championship Wrestling right now or see it for the very first time! As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

For pre-WNN editions of Throwback Thursday, click here!

Thanks for reading – until next week, see ya at ringside!



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