ICW Fight Club Quick Results (09/04/21) Feat. Handicap Main Event, Kez Evans Making a Challenge and Daz Black in Action


Scotland’s ICW is one of the four independent promotions currently offered on Peacock/WWE Network, which they started supporting on there since August 2020. Although most of the indie footage on the service is either older, delayed events (EVOLVE, PROGRESS Chapters and wXw’s TV-show esque events), ICW Fight Club has been putting out new episodes on a weekly basis. Although it’s not entirely exclusive to Peacock/WWE Network, ICW has their own streaming service, it is the first service the show gets watched on (albeit on-demand). Because it’s a first-run show, we will provide quick results for ICW Fight Club every week until it is no longer first-run.

Below are the latest ICW Fight Club results from 09/04/21:

  1. Daz Black defeated Tallon Jnr. by pinfall.
  2. Traditional Wrestling Rules: Theo Doros defeated Luke Kyro by pinfall.
  3. Charles Vyce defeated Jimmy Pierce by pinfall.
  4. Rhio defeated Molly Spartan by pinfall.
  5. Sheikh Al Sham defeated Martin MacAllister by submission.
  6. Jack Morris defeated Stevie James by pinfall.
  7. BT Gunn defeated Coach Trip and Jason Reed by submission.

Non-match notes:

  • After his match, Daz Black addressed his staredown with Kez Evans last week in a backstage interview by saying that he wants the Zero-G Champion as healthy as possible before their future title match.
  • BT Gunn asked his match with Jason Reed to be a handicap match with Coach Trip on Reed’s side. He also addressed Mark Dallas’ promise of a one-on-one match with Reed, which he assures will really be one-on-one.
  • After Vyce won his match, he continued the attack on Pierce until Logan Smith came out to talk sense into him as Thatcher’s Cabinet wasn’t with Vyce during the match. He ignored Logan’s pleading and continued the attack, prompting Smith to attack Vyce soon thereafter.
  • ICW Zero-G Champion Kez Evans called World Heavyweight Champion Noam Dar out for the future as the world is opening up and restrictions are getting lifted.
  • Jack Morris, Molly Spartan, Daz Black, Angel Hayze, Theo Doros and Logan Smith were asked their prediction for next week’s ironman match.
  • Sweeney and Levi confronted Chris Toal alone with Toal giving a proposition. If John Trettan and Saqib Ali defeat Levi and Sweeney next week, the debt is off, but if Levi and Sweeney win, Toal’s debt doubles.
  • Stevie James yelled at Kreiger backstage for not being there which started a small swearing bout between the two with James mentioning that he was on his own against the Manifesto. Afterwards, Kreiger challenged Grant McIvor for next week.

Announced for next week on ICW Fight Club (09/11/21):

  • 60 minute ironman: Andy Wild vs Leyton Buzzard.
  • Levi and Sweeney vs John Trettan and Saqib Ali.
  • Grant McIvor vs Kreiger.
  • Angel Hayze vs Kacey.

So, what do you think? Did you check out this episode yet, and if not, do you intend to? Did you enjoy this week’s episode of ICW Fight Club? What was your favorite match and/or segment on the show? Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts on these questions and anything else pertaining to ICW Fight Club in the comments section down below.

As always, stick to WWE Network News for the latest WWE Network news, rumors, results, and more!



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