EXCLUSIVE: Notes On WWE Network and Peacock – Territory Footage Stance, Will Bonus Content Be Transferred Over?


As anybody who would read this site has become aware of, Peacock is the home to WWE Network in the United States going forward. This comes with a lot of growing pains, including a mass amount of content to be transferred, along with some censorship. We’ve had discussions with both representatives of Peacock TV and WWE Network to get some clarification or confirmation on a few matters.

Peacock is reviewing all WWE content in order to make sure it aligns with Peacock’s standards and practices. This applies to any content the service has, wrestling included. In addition to the wealth of content being moved over, this helps explain why the programming will be taking so long to move over from one streaming service to the other. Of course, this is why certain moments have been edited off of WWE Network including the infamous Rowdy Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown match from Wrestlemania 6 along with the Mr. McMahon, Booker T, and John Cena segment from Survivor Series 2005.

A hot button issue among many subscribers, especially on this site, is whether or not territorial footage will be coming over. It was stated without any hesitation or disclaimer that all the territory footage on the WWE Network will be moved over. Of course, this isn’t accounting for anything needed to be censored, though there was no mention of any of the territory or classic footage needing edits specifically. In regard to the short form content on WWE Network including the “More From” and general extras, this content is all set to be added to the archives in the coming future.

Regarding the mass of content being transferred over, we did inquire about a larger and more complete “Recently Added” section or page of some kind to keep subscribers informed of what has been moved over in full. As of now, we have no information regarding this.

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