EXCLUSIVE: Release Date And Episode Synopses For Total Bellas Season Six Coming To WWE Network


As noted in the beginning of the month, season six of Total Bellas is set to arrive on WWE Network. Now we can exclusively reveal the listing for the season and when we can expect to see the videos available. Total Bellas’ sixth season will be available on demand starting Monday, March 22nd. This season dealt with the pregnancies and the eventual giving birth of Nikki and Brie Bella, collectively known as The Bella Twins.

Below is the listing for Total Bellas’ sixth season:

Episode 1 – Bella Baby Bumps [Duration: 00:43:37]

Nicole and Brie’s dream of sharing their twin pregnancies hits a baby bump. The release of The Bellas’ memoir, “Incomparable,” forces Nicole to reveal past sexual assaults.

Episode 2 – Bellas Break Free [Duration: 00:43:37]

Brie pushes a reluctant Nicole to resolve lingering tensions with the rest of the family. Nicole grows uncomfortable after Artem starts spending too much time with her mother, Kathy. Brie remembers the difficult birth she had with Birdie.

Episode 3 – A Bella Babymoon [Duration: 00:43:37]

The family packs up and heads to Flagstaff, Arizona, for an eventful “babymoon.” Bryan and Artem stir up trouble in the woods.

Episode 4 – A Bella Baby Shower [Duration: 00:43:37]
The “babymoon” in Arizona comes to an end. Brie and Nicole disagree with their mom about who should be invited to their baby shower.
Episode 5 – Bye Bye Bella [Duration: 00:43:37]
Nicole and Artem attempt to change their birthing plan so they can have their baby in Phoenix, complicating things for the Bella family.
Episode 6 – Family Ties [Duration: 00:43:37]
The Bellas learn Kathy needs emergency brain surgery. The Bella pregnancy journey nears the finish line as one of the twins goes into labor.
Episode 7 – Bella Babies [Duration: 00:43:37]
The Bella family prepares to welcome its newest members. While Nicole struggles through labor, Brie holds out hope for a natural childbirth.
Episode 8 – Bellas On The Move [Duration: 00:43:37]
With Artem back on “Dancing With the Stars,” Nicole starts to crack under the pressure of raising Matteo on her own. Nicole and Brie break the news to Kathy about their move to Napa. Brie pushes Nicole and JJ to put an end to their feud.
Episode 9 – From Gynos to Winos [Duration: 00:43:37]
The Bellas head to Napa to see their newly purchased homes. Nicole struggles to tell Artem about her postpartum depression. Brie gets pushy with the rest of the Bella family. Brie tries to bring some Brie-mode back into Nicole’s life.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to see the sixth season of Total Bellas coming to WWE Network and Peacock? Will you be checking these episodes out? If so, will it be soon after they’re added or down the line? Maybe you already have! If so, what did you think? Let us know your thoughts on the additions of Total Bellas season six on WWE Network down below.

As always, stick to WWE Network News for the latest WWE Network news, results, exclusives, and more!

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