Full List of WWE Network Additions (09/16/2020): WWE Timeline For Mickie James/Trish Stratus Rivalry, Bayley, and More


WWE Network

One of the most exciting aspects about the WWE Network is seeing new or classic content added to the archives. Our initial offering of a weekly listing of content added was popular enough where we’ve since decided to release daily updates. While WWE now has a Recently Added section, it isn’t always properly updated and sometimes misses uploads, so as a result, we plan to inform the readers regularly so we can constantly update you on the latest WWE Network additions. Now, we will bring you a brief daily update of everything added to the service!

This is simply a comprehensive list and by no means an opinion piece. However, on days where no content is added, no article will be made. For further information on each upload, just hover your mouse over the link for a description!



There you have it! That’s everything that’s been added today. Did we miss anything? If we happened to miss an upload be sure to let us know. Additionally, what do you think of what was uploaded? Does anything, in particular, catch your eye? Give your thoughts on the additions, what you plan to check out, and anything else that comes to mind in the comments section down below!

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