Today In Wrestling History Via WWE Network (09/12/2020): Cedric Alexander vs. The Brian Kendrick on 205 Live


As a daily feature, WWE Network News posts a comprehensive list of everything that took place on this day in wrestling history. Or at least everything that is currently available to watch on the WWE Network. This list is courtesy of our friends on the Reddit version of WWE Network Bot.

Disclaimer: Any incorrect dates are taken directly from the WWE Network’s code. Basically, they goofed, not us. If you notice any incorrect dates, feel free to leave a comment. Meanwhile, show extras will be highlighted by being indented further, although not necessarily tied to the show they’re an extra for.

On PC, you can click on each link below to be taken to the corresponding show or milestone!



What do you think? Is there a specific show here that’s your favorite? Are there any memories that flood into your mind as you read the list? Tell us about them and let us know if any show here seems worth checking out in the comments section below!

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