POLL: What Did You Think Of WWE The Day Of: Summerslam 2015 on WWE Network?


WWE Network regularly uploads special events and original specials to the archives. These can range from episodes of a regular series such as Table For 3 or WWE Ride Along, WWE Network special events like Worlds Collide or Smackville, or this could be a unique one off documentary of some kind. With the service offering such a plethora of content, we’re interested in what WWE Network subscribers think of some of these programs. As a result, we intend to offer polls more often to create a discussion. With that said we’re curious: What did you think of WWE The Day Of: Summerslam 2015?

WWE The Day Of took an unexpected turn this go around! This time, it didn’t focus on a recent event but instead went five years to the past with Summerslam 2015. More specifically, the episode focused on John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, along with celebrity guest host Jon Stewart’s involvement. This special has a run time of almost eighteen minutes with an official time of 17:47.

As a reminder, below is the synopsis for the special:

“Seth Rollins balances being WWE World Heavyweight Champion while preparing to face United States Champion John Cena in a Winner Take All Match at SummerSlam 2015.”

So, what did you think? Was this upload worthy of a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle, or thumbs down? Is this something you’d recommend for other WWE Network subscribers to check out? Let us know all of your thoughts by voting in the poll then leaving further comments down below and feel free to discuss anything from the video that stands out to you.

As always, stick to WWE Network News for the latest WWE Network news, results, exclusives, and more!

What Did You Think Of WWE The Day Of: Summerslam 2015 on WWE Network?

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