EXCLUSIVE: Latest WWE Network Hidden Gems Addition to Upload Over 2-Hour Version of Rare WCW Pilot


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The WWE Network’s Hidden Gems category is set to offer up another deep cut with a legitimately rare release of a 1999 WCW pilot for Telemundo that never was, Festival de Lucha! This show was designed to be a vehicle for the company’s many Mexican stars who plied their trade in the cruiserweight division at the time but it was never picked up and thus just became a footnote in history instead. If the name sounds familiar to veteran readers, that would be because a single bout (an 8-man tag) from the taping was released as a “hidden gem” by itself years ago. That match was unseen then and this far more complete version has gone mostly unseen (bar some apparent repurposing of a few of the matches, though sources on this claim are limited) since then too.

From what we’ve been told, tomorrow’s video will include every match from the taping, which included the following:

Felino, Super Boy & Villano V vs. Kendo, Silver King & Venum

Damien, El Mosco & Halloween vs. La Parka, Salsero & Super Calo

Blitzkrieg, Piloto Suicida & Raul vs. El Texano, Rey Misterio Sr. & Villano III

Juventud Guerrera, Pirata Morgan & Psicopata vs. Hector Garza, Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr.

El Mosco, Felino & Juventud Guerrera vs. Piloto Suicida, Raul & Salsero

Kaz Hayashi, Psychosis & Ron Rivera vs. Blitzkrieg, Kendo & La Parka

Fidel Sierra, Pierroth Jr., Psicopata & Ricky Santana vs. El Texano, Rey Misterio Sr., Villano III & Villano V

Chris Jericho, Johnny Swinger, Lenny Lane & Norman Smiley vs. Hector Garza, Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr. & Silver King

Disco Inferno vs. Konnan

9 matches in a little over 2 hours may sound tight but when you consider that the aforementioned 8-man affair barely lasted 10 minutes, the whole thing becomes far more feasible. With that in mind, tomorrow will be the first time that this ill-fated Lucha Lire pilot from WCW will be made available to the public in the purest form possible.

As always, here is the official description:

WCW 01/27/1999 – Festival de Lucha [Duration: 02:07:30]

A who’s who of WCW’s Lucha Libre Superstars, including Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis and more, gather for this aerial extravaganza.

WCW’s Festival de Lucha will be added to the “WWE Hidden Gems” category under the “In-Ring” heading tomorrow.

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