Two Collections and Several Series Removed From WWE Network Archives


It has been some time since we had to note of any serious WWE Network content removal. In the past, they regularly removed collections among other footage periodically but due to subscriber response that had discontinued. With that said, unfortunately, two WWE Network collections and several series are no longer available within the archives.

First is something that likely won’t ruffle too many feathers. The Best of WWE Network collection is no longer available in that category. For those unaware, this rarely updated set featured select programs available elsewhere on the service so subscribers could dip their toe into the content. Examples include an episode of the Stone Cold Podcast featuring Ric Flair, the first episode of Total Bellas, along with a select episode of other programs such as WWE Story Time and Superstar Ink. All of the videos included in this section remain available elsewhere.

In addition to that playlist, the WWE Shorts collection has also been removed. This set featured random seasonal shorts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. while also housing several series. There had been issues with this collection in the past as they would rotate content. For example, they would add episodes of WWE Game Night, then remove it. Those episodes would still remain available but only via search or a direct link, as they had no category and were no longer in the collection. We had reached out about this issue and were told it was something being worked on, presumably with WWE Network 2.0 changing categorization.

Now, unfortunately, comes the bigger piece of bad news. Nearly every program that was in the WWE Shorts section past or present is now no longer available. This includes several series such as Formerly Known As, My Son Is  A WWE Superstar, Then and Now, among others. When attempting to access these videos through direct links, the WWE Network now offers a media error. Episodes removed from the collection in the past that could still be viewed if found via search are also no longer watchable. An exception to this includes the Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund videos, which for now remain searchable, along with any episodes included in other collections such as a Playback episode with The Bar. The majority of the removed content can be found elsewhere on Youtube or, though that doesn’t often help with subscriber frustration.

To recap, below is a list of programs and collections removed from the service:

  • Best of WWE Network Collection
  • WWE Shorts Collection
  • My Son Is A WWE Superstar
  • My Daughter Is A WWE Superstar
  • Formerly Known As
  • Then and Now
  • WWE Game Night
  • The Day Of
  • Mick Foley Road Stories
  • WWE Playback

It is important to stress that this could be some kind of mishap or they could potentially be moving the series to a different category. However, as of now these videos are unavailable. If you hope to see them re-added to the service, make sure to let WWE know directly through social media, such as through their Twitter or reddit pages.

So, what do you think? Do you expect this content to remain removed? Are you disappointed to see these series disappear? And do you hope to see them return within the Original category? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below.

As always, stick to WWE Network News for the latest WWE Network news, results, exclusives, and more!

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