UPDATED x2: WWE Network Adds More Coliseum Video Releases Including Another Hogan Compilation


WWE Network

The WWE Network is continuing to upload various wrestler centric compilations from Coliseum Video. The most notable today is Hulk Hogan: Real American from 1989. With a 1-hour runtime (55:46 to be precise) it features the following matches:


Steel Cage Match: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant (From WrestleFest ’88)

Flag Match: Hulk Hogan vs Nikolai Volkoff

Hulk Hogan vs King Haku

Hulk Hogan vs Ted Dibiase


Other additions today include:


Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake Roberts vs Scott McGhee

Jake Roberts vs Ricky Steamboat (05/01/1986)

Jake Roberts vs Ricky Steamboat (06/27/1986)

Jake Roberts vs Junkyard Dog

Jake Roberts vs King Kong Bundy (02/23/1987)

Jake Roberts vs King Kong Bundy (02/21/1987)

Jake Roberts vs Honkytonk Man

Jake Roberts vs Kamala


The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs (Hart Foundation wins the WWF Tag Team Championships) (01/26/1987)

The Hart Foundation vs the Rougeau Brothers

Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat

The Hart Foundation and Honkytonk Man vs Tito Santana, Davey Boy Smith, and Junkyard Dog

The Hart Foundation vs Jim Powers and Jerry Allen

The Hart Foundation and Danny Davis vs The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana

The Hart Foundation vs The British Bulldogs (11/01/1986)

The Hart Foundation vs The Killer Bees


The Ken Patera Story

Ken Patera vs Pat Patterson (Patera wins the Intercontinental Championship)

Ken Patera vs Ronnie P.

Ken Patera vs Hercules Hernandez

Ken Patera vs Jimmy Jack Funk

Ken Patera vs Frankie Lane

Ken Patera vs Honkytonk Man

Ken Patera and Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race and Hercules


Bruno Sammartino: Living Legend

Brno Sammartino vs Nikolai Vokoff

Bruno Sammartino vs Baron Von Raschke

Bruno Sammartino vs Ken Patera

Bruno Sammartino vs Killer Kawalski

Bruno Sammartino vs Roddy Piper

Bruno Sammartino and Paul Orndorff vs Roddy Piper and Bob Orton Jr.

Bruno Sammartino vs George “The Animal” Steele


Macho Man and Elizabeth

Hulk Hogan vs Rusty Brooks

Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan (01/27/1986)

Lumberjack match: Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan (02/17/1986)

Randy Savage vs George “The Animal” Steele

Randy Savage vs Tito Santana (Savage wins the Intercontinental Championship) (02/08/1986)

Randy Savage vs Tito Santana (03/16/1986)

No DQ: Randy Savage vs Tito Santana (04/22/1986)

Bruno Sammartino as Referee: Randy Savage vs Tito Santana (05/19/1986)

Randy Savage and Adrian Adonis vs Tito Santana and Bruno Sammartino


Life and Times: Capt. Lou Albano

Lou Albano vs Tony Angelo

Lou Albano vs Rick Martel

Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito vs Jay and Jules Strongbow

Lou Albano, Mr. Fuji, and Mr. Saito vs Tony Garea, Tony Atlas, and Rick Martel

Mr. Fuji and Mr, Saito vs Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas (Johnson and Atlas win the WWF Tag Team Championships)

Lou Albano as Referee: The Wild Samoans vs Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis

Lou Albano, Andre the Giant, and Hillbilly Jim vs Big John Studd King Kong Bundy, and Bobby Heenan


As always, you’ll find a hyperlinked list of every Coliseum Video that has been added today. It will be updated if and when more are uploaded:



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