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When we released the complete list of the Coliseum Home Video classic content that is set to hit the WWE Network tomorrow. Many people were excited. I think we broke the Internet for a little while. And it makes sense if you were a fan during those days. You’ll instantly recognize such a haul as a proverbial goldmine. However, it occurred to me that there are probably many people who frequent this site that just may not get the hype. Either they were too young or had little access to these tapes.

So, I’m going to provide a full match or content listing for each. One thing that needs to be made clear is that not everything listed here will be a full match or segment. Coliseum releases were known to edit things down to clip form fairly often. So this does not mean that they’ve been specifically butchered for their WWE Network debut. While the titles marked with an asterisk do suffer some form of reduced runtime (for legal or condition reasons), I’ve done enough research over the last day or so to pretty confidently say that there should be little if anything removed from what is listed below. Full credit goes to ProWrestlingHistory.com for much of this information. They’re a great resource for taking a deep dive into the distant past. This will be a long one:


Bloopers, Bleeps, and Bodyslams
(Dated: 04/12/1985 – Duration: 01:18:29)

1984TNT Show: Freddie Blassie gives love advice
1980sMike Sharpe vs. Steve Grey (Grey loses his toupee)
1980sTiger Chung Lee tries to break bricks with karate chops
1984TNT Show: Lou Albano
1984TNT Show: Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Atlas (posedown)
1984TNT Show: Iron Sheik with a camel
1984TNT Show: Freddie Blassie & Friday
1980sDana Carpenter vs. Haiti Kid
1984TNT Show: Ivan Putski polka
08/21/84TNT Show: Hulk Hogan makes protein shakes
1984TNT Show: Lou Albano gives love advice
1984TNT Show: Wild Samoans cooking
1984TNT Show: Lou Albano
05/17/85TNT Show: Salvatore Bellomo makes pizza
09/25/84TNT Show: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch visit Texas & NYC
1984TNT Show: Johnny Valiant gives love advice
1984TNT Show: Andre the Giant sings “The Fish Song”
1984“Piper’s Pit” with Cyndi Lauper
01/85TNT Show: Butcher Vachon’s wedding reception

Unusual Matches*
(Dated: 05/16/1985 – Duration: 01:27:00)

03/17/85Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine (lumberjack match)
07/30/79Jay Strongbow vs. Greg Valentine (Indian strap match)
01/21/85Roddy Piper & Bob Orton, Jr. vs. Junkyard Dog & Jimmy Snuka (Texas tornado match)
1960sWomen’s Battle Royal
07/23/84Battle Royal
10/17/83Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco (steel cage match)
12/26/83Don Muraco & Lou Albano vs. Jimmy Snuka & Arnold Skaaland
1970sHaystacks Calhoun, Peter Maivia, & Larry Zbysko vs. Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe, & Strong Kobayashi
02/19/83Andre the Giant, Sal Bellomo, Rocky Johnson, Pedro Morales, & Jimmy Snuka vs. Mr. Fuji, Don Muraco, Buddy Rose, Billy Graham, & Ray Stevens (3/5)

Big, Small, Strange, Strong*
(Dated: 12/11/1985 – Duration: 01:20:18)

1983Andre the Giant vs. Samula
09/21/64Bobo Brazil vs. Freddie Blassie
1970sHaystacks Calhoun highlights
1970sErnie Ladd highlights
1970sIvan Koloff highlights
03/15/71Gorilla Monsoon vs. The Wolfman
01/85“Piper’s Pit” with Blackjack Mulligan
1984Hulk Hogan vs. John Studd
1985Nikolai Volkoff highlights
06/21/85King Kong Bundy vs. Tony Garea
02/18/85Hillbilly Jim vs. Rene Goulet
06/17/85“Piper’s Pit” with Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer
08/27/79Ivan the Terrible & Billy the Kid vs. Butch Cassidy & Tiny Tom
02/14/84Tiger Jackson & Haiti Kid vs. Pancho Boy & Dana Carpenter
11/22/82Sky Low Low & Butch Cassidy vs. Sonny Boy Hayes & Little Beaver
02/18/71Little Joey & Frenchie Lamont vs. Little Brutus & Sky Low Low
1970sRugged Russians highlights
03/15/71Gorilla Monsoon vs. The Wolfman
1970sPampero Firpo highlights
1970sLuke Graham highlights
1970sGrand Wizard interview
06/17/84Mad Dog Vachon vs. Bobby Colt
1980sTNT Show: Mr. Fuji & Moondog Spot
1984Mil Mascaras highlights
1980sLou Albano Highlights
1985Nikolai sing the Russian national anthem
01/15/85TNT Show: Bobby Heenan, John Studd, & Ken Patera as barbers
1985TNT Show: Bobby Heenan & The Missing Link
06/07/84George Steele vs. Steve Lombardi
1970Bruno Sammartino vs. Bepo Mongol
07/20/84Ivan Putski vs. Jesse Ventura (arm wrestling)
10/09/84TNT Show: Iron Sheik Persian clubs demonstration
10/23/84TNT Show: John Studd bench press record
1980sSeveral Ken Patera tests of strength

Grudge Match ’86*
(Dated: 03/27/1986 – Duration: 01:25:14)

05/20/85Hulk Hogan vs. Don Muraco
01/28/86Terry Funk vs. Junkyard Dog
10/31/85Terry Funk vs. Junkyard Dog
11/17/75Bruno Sammartino vs. Ivan Koloff
09/24/84Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine (Valentine wins WWF I-C Title)
07/06/85Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine (steel cage match; Santana wins WWF I-C Title)
08/01/77Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham
03/31/85Hulk Hogan & Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff

Villains of the Squared Circle*
(Dated: 06/06/1986 – Duration: 01:10:40)

04/22/86Jake Roberts vs. Scott McGhee
08/09/80Tor Kamata vs. Pat Patterson
06/30/73George Steele vs. Pedro Morales
04/26/76Ernie Ladd vs. Andre the Giant
06/30/73Lou Albano vs. Gorilla Monsoon
11/12/73Stan Stasiak & Blackjack Lanza vs. Andre the Giant & Jay Strongbow
1980sDon Muraco vs. Pedro Morales
1980sDon Muraco vs. SD Jones
1980sTNT Show: Don Muraco
1985Mr. Fuji vs. Rocky Steamboat
03/84“Piper’s Pit” with Jimmy Snuka
1984TNT Show: Roddy Piper
1984“Piper’s Pit” with Frankie Williams
1984TNT Show: Roddy Piper and Lou Albano
1985Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T interview
1980sRoddy Piper highlights
02/08/86Randy Savage vs. Tito Santana (Savage wins WWF I-C Title)
06/17/85Terry Funk vs. Aldo Marino (Funk attacks Mel Phillips)
04/22/86The Iron Sheik vs. Cpl. Kirschner
1985John Studd & King Kong Bundy attack Hillbilly Jim
1985John Studd & King Kong Bundy attack Andre the Giant
02/15/86Don Muraco & King Kong Bundy attack Hulk Hogan
12/84John Studd & Ken Patera cut Andre the Giant’s hair

Inside the Steel Cage*
(Dated: 12/11/1986 – Duration: 01:24:25)

07/23/83Andre the Giant vs. John Studd (steel cage match)
10/21/84Andre the Giant vs. Kamala (steel cage match)
10/17/83Don Muraco vs. Jimmy Snuka (steel cage match)
07/12/86Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis vs. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino (steel cage match)
07/06/85Greg Valentine vs. Tito Santana (steel cage match) (Santana wins WWF I-C Title)
1970sBruno Sammartino vs. George Steele (steel cage match)
02/08/86Bruno Sammartino vs. Roddy Piper (steel cage match)
09/24/79Bob Backlund vs. Pat Patterson (steel cage match)
04/07/86Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy (steel cage match)

Grand Slams*
(Dated: 12/11/1986 – Duration: 01:14:30)

11/07/85Dynamite Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff
07/06/85Greg Valentine vs. Tito Santana (steel cage match; Santana wins WWF I-C Title)
03/31/85King Kong Bundy vs. SD Jones
1985Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T interview
11/25/85Wendi Richter vs. Spider Lady (Moolah) (Moolah wins WWF Women’s Title)
10/02/84TNT Show: Freddie Blassie & Kamala
1980sHaiti Kid vs. Dana Carpenter
12/26/83Bob Backlund vs. The Iron Sheik (Sheik wins WWF World Title)
10/13/81Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito (Fuji & Saito win WWF Tag Team Title)
11/15/83The Wild Samoans vs. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson (no DQ match; Atlas & Johnson win WWF Tag Team Title)
03/31/85Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (Sheik & Volkoff win WWF Tag Team Title)
02/08/86Tito Santana vs. Randy Savage (Savage wins WWF I-C Title)
06/17/85Terry Funk vs. Aldo Marino (Funk attacks Mel Phillips)
1986Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Ricky Steamboat & Junkyard Dog
08/10/84Jesse Ventura vs. Ivan Putski (arm wrestling)
04/84Andre the Giant vs. Joe Nova, Johnny Rodz, & Jack Evans
1977Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham (referee Gorilla Monsoon)
09/23/77Andre the Giant vs. Gorilla Monsoon (boxing match; referee Joe Walcott)
1976Gorilla Monsoon vs. Muhammad Ali angle
01/24/84The Iron Sheik vs. Hulk Hogan (Hogan wins WWF World Title)
08/26/84Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund vs. George Steele & Mr. Fuji
08/28/86The Killer Bees vs. Jimmy Jack & Dory Funk, Jr.
06/26/82Battle Royal
04/07/86WWF/NFL Battle Royal
07/12/86Battle Royal
11/14/81Andre the Giant vs. Killer Khan (stretcher match)
03/31/85Andre the Giant vs. John Studd (bodyslam match)
1970sGrand Wizard interview
1985Lou Albano wins Manager of the Year
10/17/83Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco (steel cage match)

Most Embarrassing Moments*
(Dated: 12/15/1987 – Duration: 01:24:12)

08/05/87Chris Curtis vs. ??? Washington (Ted DiBiase angle)
1984Jesse Ventura vs. Steve Lombardi
1984TNT Show: Jesse Ventura
01/27/86Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
1980sTNT Show: Moolah attacks Alfred Hayes
08/21/84TNT Show: Hulk Hogan makes protein shakes
1977Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham (referee Gorilla Monsoon)
1980sRocky Johnson & Andre the Giant vs. Don Muraco & Swede Hanson
08/26/84Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund vs. George Steele & Mr. Fuji
06/17/85Terry Funk vs. Aldo Marino (Funk attacks Mel Phillips)
09/23/85Terry Funk vs. Junkyard Dog
10/31/85Terry Funk vs. Junkyard Dog
08/01/87Ted DiBiase hotel vignette
08/25/87Lanny Poffo poem about Ted DiBiase
03/17/81Andre the Giant vs. Black Demon (Andre unmasks Demon)
1986Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage attack Hulk Hogan
04/26/85TNT Show: Paul Orndorff fires Bobby Heenan
08/04/87Paul Orndorff fires Bobby Heenan
1987Harley Race vs. George Steele
11/07/85Dynamite Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff
08/26/87Bam Bam Bigelow announces Oliver Humperdink as his manager
10/21/85“Piper’s Pit” with Bruno Sammartino
03/29/87Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine vs. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
1987Brutus Beefcake cuts Johnny V’s hair
12/85Slammies highlights
1980s“The Body Shop” with Andre the Giant
1987Ted DiBiase has a kid dribble a basketball

Brains Behind the Brawn
(Dated: 02/27/1989 – Duration: 01:25:56)

01/26/87“Piper’s Pit” with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, & Bobby Heenan
01/26/87“Piper’s Pit” with Hulk Hogan
02/28/87Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant contract signing
03/29/87Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
09/13/88Ted DiBiase buys Hercules from Bobby Heenan
05/11/88Rick Rude kisses a woman from the crowd
01/15/89Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude (posedown)
12/07/88Tito Santana vs. Red Rooster
1988Brooklyn Brawler attacks Red Rooster
06/01/88Bret Hart vs. Jerry Allen
08/03/88The Hart Foundation vs. The Conquistadors
08/29/88The Hart Foundation vs. Demolition
08/29/88The Ultimate Warrior vs. Honkytonk Man (Warrior wins WWF I-C Title)
09/03/88Honkytonk Man attacks The Ultimate Warrior
10/04/88“Brother Love Show” with Hulk Hogan and Slick & Big Bossman
09/88One Man Gang becomes Akeem
03/27/88Demolition vs. Strike Force (brief clip; Demolition wins WWF Tag Team Title)
11/24/88Mr. Fuji turns on Demolition
01/24/88Dino Bravo’s “world bench press record” lift
03/27/88Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase (brief clip; Savage wins WWF World Title)
08/29/88Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant (referee Jesse Ventura) (brief clip)
11/24/88Survivor Series main event highlights

(Dated: 03/21/1990 – Duration: 01:56:30)

12/12/89Ronnie Garvin vs. Mr. Perfect
1989Bobby Heenan interview
12/30/88The Bushwhackers vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zuhkov
05/17/89The Bushwhackers vs. Bad News Brown & Brooklyn Brawler
1989Segment on the names of moves and holds
10/08/89The Bushwhackers vs. The Powers of Pain
02/11/89Rick Rude vs. Tito Santana
04/24/89Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase
1989Segment interviewing fans
01/02/90Tugboat Thomas vs. Mike Sharpe
12/12/89Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Randy Savage & Zeus (steel cage match)
Note: Vignettes with The Bushwhackers are scattered throughout the tape.

Wrestling Superheroes
(Dated: 03/21/1990 – Duration: 00:54:37)

04/02/89Demolition vs. The Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji
07/18/89Greg Valentine vs. Jimmy Snuka (referee Ronnie Garvin)
12/28/89Rick Rude vs. Roddy Piper (steel cage match)
11/15/86Hulk Hogan vs. Hercules
02/20/89The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage

World Tour ’90*
(Dated: 05/23/1990 – Duration: 01:50:40)

06/10/89Jimmy Snuka vs. Boris Zuhkov
09/30/89The Honkytonk Man vs. Jimmy Snuka
10/10/89Bret Hart vs. Dino Bravo
10/1389The Rockers vs. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
04/13/90The Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase
10/10/89Jim Duggan vs. The Honkytonk Man
10/13/89Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage

WrestleFest ’90
(Dated: 06/27/1990 – Duration: 01:56:30)

01/22/90Roddy Piper vs. Randy Savage
02/14/90The Ultimate Warrior vs. Dino Bravo
12/28/89Brutus Beefcake vs. Rick Martel
01/23/90The Hart Foundation vs. The Powers of Pain
08/09/90The Hart Foundation vs. The Honkytonk Man & Dino Bravo
08/29/89The Hart Foundation vs. The Rockers
1990Segment on WWF fleet of trucks
01/15/90Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. Perfect
03/06/90Jake Roberts & The Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase & Akeem (referee Big Bossman)

SuperTape II
(Dated: 07/25/1990 – Duration: 02:09:59)

01/03/90Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan
01/15/90The Rockers vs. The Powers of Pain
06/27/89The Rockers vs. Dino Bravo & Greg Valentine
08/30/89Hercules vs. Akeem
1990Segment on the names of moves and holds
03/19/90Demolition Ax & Smash vs. The Orient Express (Tanaka & Sato)
03/19/90Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel
12/28/89Roddy Piper vs. Rick Rude (steel cage match)
1990Segment on wrestling bloopers
02/19/90Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Mr. Perfect & The Genius

Wrestling Tough Guys
(Dated: 09/27/1990 – Duration: 00:56:27)

04/04/90Jim Duggan vs. Boris Zhukov
05/14/90Haku vs. Ronnie Garvin
10/08/89The Bushwhackers vs. The Powers of Pain
08/30/89Hercules vs. Akeem
12/14/89Dino Bravo vs. Tito Santana

Hottest Matches
(Dated: 10/25/1990 – Duration: 02:06:06)

04/04/90Tito Santana vs. Rick Martel
03/27/88Demolition vs. Strike Force (brief clip; Demolition wins WWF Tag Team Title)
12/13/89Demolition vs. Andre the Giant & Haku (brief clip; Andre & Haku win WWF Tag Team Title)
04/01/90Demolition vs. Andre the Giant & Haku (brief clip; Demolition wins WWF Tag Team Title)
08/27/90Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation (brief clip; Harts win WWF Tag Team Title)
06/17/90The Rockers vs. The Orient Express (Sato & Tanaka)
06/28/89Dusty Rhodes vs. Greg Valentine
06/06/90Jake Roberts vs. Akeem
12/14/89Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase
08/09/89Brutus Beefcake vs. Haku
04/24/90Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase
1990Hercules & Paul Roma workout
06/25/90Randy Savage & Sherri Martel vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire

SuperTape III
(Dated: 01/24/1991 – Duration: 02:00:21)

09/16/90Mr. Perfect vs. Kerry Von Erich
06/17/90The Barbarian vs. Jimmy Snuka
09/90Tugboat vs. Earthquake
09/21/90Demolition Ax, Smash, & Crush vs. The Ultimate Warrior & The Legion of Doom
11/20/90Demolition Smash & Crush vs. The Legion of Doom
11/19/90Shane Douglas vs. The Demon
1990Segment on the names of moves and holds
09/21/90Marty Jannetty vs. Paul Roma
08/08/90Ted DiBiase vs. The Big Bossman
08/15/90Mr. Perfect vs. Jake Roberts

Funniest Moments
(Dated: 02/27/1991 – Duration: 00:57:50)

01/08/91Big Bossman vs. Bobby Heenan (ball & chain match)
12/12/90Gobbldygooker dances with Mike McGuirk
12/11/90Gobbldygooker dances with Howard Finkel
04/30/90The Bushwhackers vs. The Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine
11/23/90Buddy Rose “Blow Away Diet” commercial
11/19/90Buddy Rose vs. Mario Mancini
10/31/89“Brother Love Show” with Roddy Piper
1989Gene Okerlund meets the Bushwhackers
01/28/91“Brother Love Show” with The Ultimate Warrior

Mega Matches*
(Dated: 03/28/1991 – Duration: 02:00:52)

10/10/90Tito Santana vs. Earthquake
01/08/91Big Bossman vs. Bobby Heenan (ball and chain match)
12/11/90Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan
11/24/90Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian
1990The Bushwhackers vs. Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine
08/08/90Hulk Hogan vs. Dino Bravo
1990Segment with Hillbilly Jim and his grannie
10/19/90Davey Boy Smith vs. Haku
10/28/89Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan
01/21/91Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (steel cage match)

Greatest Hits
(Dated: 04/25/1991 – Duration: 01:00:20)

– Mr. Perfect vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich (11/19/90; Rochester, NY)
– Rick Martel vs. Marty Jannetty (10/29/90; Indianapolis, IN)
– Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Greg Valentine & the Honky Tonk Man (Saturday Night’s Main Event – 9/18/90; Toledo, OH)
– Big Bossman vs. the Barbarian (1/25/91; Hamilton, Ontario)
– WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase (The Main Event IV – 10/30/90; Ft. Wayne, IN)

Source: Grant Sawyer at PWTorch, who crafted a wonderful, similar editorial that’s definitely worth a look!

SuperTape IV*
(Dated: 05/23/1991 – Duration: 01:57:41)

12/12/90Mr. Perfect vs. Kerry Von Erich
01/21/91Tito Santana vs. Koko B. Ware
12/12/90The Undertaker vs. Tugboat
01/21/91Shawn Michaels vs. Crush
01/07/91Legion of Doom vs. Orient Express (Tanaka & Kato) & Mr. Fuji
1991Bushwhackers cooking vignette
09/16/90The Big Bossman vs. Earthquake
11/20/90The Big Bossman vs. Bobby Heenan
12/13/90The Big Bossman vs. The Barbarian
01/07/91The Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter

WrestleFest ’91
(Dated: 07/25/1991 – Duration: 01:51:01)

02/19/91The Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake
1991The Mountie vs. The Big Bossman
04/15/91The Rockers vs. Hercules & Paul Roma
02/18/91Ted DiBiase vs. Kerry Von Erich
1991Davey Boy Smith vs. Haku
1991Brutus Beefcake grooming tips
03/12/91Greg Valentine vs. Rick Martel
1991The Warlord vs. Koko B. Ware
03/12/91The Legion of Doom vs. The Hart Foundation
03/15/91Marty Jannetty vs. Pat Tanaka

Wrestling’s Greatest Champions
(Dated: 07/30/1991 – Duration: 00:57:17)

06/18/91Mr. Perfect vs. The British Bulldog
12/13/90The Hart Foundation vs. Hercules & Paul Roma
09/29/88Randy Savage vs. Andre the Giant
06/03/91Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter (desert storm match)

World Tour ’91
(Dated: 08/22/1991 – Duration: 01:46:40)

04/24/91The Rockers vs. The Orient Express
04/24/91The Warlord vs. Jim Neidhart
03/26/91Randy Savage vs. Rick Martel
04/16/91Roddy Piper vs. Ted DiBiase
04/16/91Jake Roberts vs. Earthquake
02/18/91Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect
03/30/91Jim Duggan vs. Kendo Nagasaki
03/26/91Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker, Sgt. Slaughter, & Gen. Adnan

Battle at The Royal Albert Hall*
(Dated: 10/03/1991 – Duration: 02:40:32)

The Nasty Boys vs The Rockers

Ric Flair vs Tito Santana

Earthquake vs Big Boss Man

The Mountie vs The Texas Tornado

The Undertaker vs Jim Duggan

WWF World Tag Team Championships: Power and Glory vs Legion of Doom

The British Bulldog vs The Barbarian

20-Man Battle Royal

Source: Cagematch.net

Rampage ’91
(Dated: 10/24/1991 – Duration: 01:56:14)

06/18/91Mr. Perfect vs. The British Bulldog
04/22/91Kerry Von Erich vs. The Warlord
06/03/91Road Warrior Animal vs. Paul Roma
06/18/91The Rockers & The Big Bossman vs. The Nasty Boys & The Mountie
06/03/91Ricky Steamboat vs. Demolition Smash
05/07/91Jake Roberts vs. The Barbarian
04/24/91Greg Valentine vs. Haku
05/28/91The Orient Express vs. Hercules & Paul Roma
1991Paul Bearer vignette
07/21/91The Undertaker vs. The Ultimate Warrior

SuperTape ’92
(Dated: 02/27/1992 – Duration: 02:18:08)

07/30/91The Mountie, Earthquake, & The Nasty Boys vs. The Legion of Doom, The Big Bossman, & Jim Neidhart
1991Tax tips with Irwin R. Schyster
09/10/91Bret Hart vs. Irwin R. Schyster
10/01/91The Undertaker vs. Greg Valentine
03/24/91The Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka
12/03/91Bret Hart vs. Skinner
12/03/91Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts
12/03/91Davey Boy Smith vs. The Warlord
12/03/91Tito Santana & Virgil vs. Ted DiBiase & Repoman
12/03/91Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker (Hogan wins WWF World Title)

Invasion ’92
(Dated: 03/26/1992 – Duration: 01:46:18)

12/02/91Hulk Hogan vs. Typhoon
11/13/91Ric Flair vs. Bret Hart
12/02/91Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
12/02/91The Legion of Doom vs. The Beverly Brothers
01/08/92Ted DiBiase vs. Tito Santana
10/01/91The Big Bossman vs. Hercules
09/10/91Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil (referee Randy Savage)
12/04/91The Undertaker & Jake Roberts vs. Jim Duggan & Randy Savage

Euro Rampage ’92* (Full televised event from Sheffield, England)
(Dated: 04/19/1992 – Duration: 02:19:01)

Tatanka vs Skinner

Colonel Mustafa and Dino Bravo vs Legion of Doom

The Undertaker vs Sid Justice

WWF Championship: Shawn Michaels vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage (c)

The Mountie vs Virgil

WWF Intercontinental Championship: “The Model” Rick Martel vs Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs Repo Man

The British Bulldog vs Irwin R. Shyster

Crunch Classic
(Dated: 05/28/1992 – Duration: 01:40:54)

01/19/92Roddy Piper vs. The Mountie (Piper wins WWF I-C Title)
10/23/91Irwin R. Schyster & Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil & Big Bossman
12/04/91The Nasty Boys vs. Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart
03/29/87Roddy Piper vs. Adrian Adonis (hair vs. hair)
10/23/91The Undertaker vs. Davey Boy Smith
12/04/91Rick Martel vs. Kerry Von Erich
09/10/91Skinner vs. Jim Neidhart
01/27/92Earthquake & Typhoon vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan

WrestleFest ’92
(Dated: 07/23/1992 – Duration: 01:51:29)

03/23/92Shawn Michaels vs. Virgil
04/07/92Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster vs. The Bushwhackers
03/10/92Davey Boy Smith vs. Rick Martel
1990sHighlights of various Bret Hart matches
11/12/91Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian
03/10/92The Nasty Boys vs. Earthquake & Typhoon
04/08/92Randy Savage vs. Irwin R. Schyster
04/08/92Tito Santana vs. Repo Man
04/28/92The Legion of Doom, Earthquake, & Typhoon vs. The Nasty Boys, Irwin R. Schyster, & Ted DiBiase

World Tour ’92
(Dated: 08/27/1992 – Duration: 01:44:50)

10/03/91The Mountie vs. Kerry Von Erich
04/19/92The British Bulldog vs. Irwin R. Schsyter
10/05/91The British Bulldog vs. Earthquake
10/05/91Roddy Piper vs. The Barbarian
04/14/92Battle Royal
04/19/92Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel
04/14/92Randy Savage vs. Shawn Michaels

Rampage ’92*
(Dated: 10/22/1992 – Duration: 01:49:40)

09/01/92The Undertaker vs. Razor Ramon
06/02/92Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
1992Sherri Martel make-up tips
06/01/9240-Man Battle Royal
06/02/92Tatanka vs. Rick Martel
06/29/92The Beverly Brothers & The Genius vs. The Legion of Doom & Paul Ellering
09/02/92Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster vs. Virgil & Tito Santana
06/03/92Randy Savage vs. Repo Man
06/03/92The Ultimate Warrior & The Undertaker vs. The Berzerker & Papa Shango

WrestleFest ’93
(Dated: 01/30/1993 – Duration: 02:19:58)

07/21/92Owen Hart, Koko B. Ware, & Tito Santana vs. Repo Man, & The Nasty Boys
10/12/92Crush vs. Papa Shango
09/01/92The Big Bossman vs. Rick Martel
11/24/92Earthquake vs. Repo Man
10/28/92Shawn Michaels vs. Virgil
12/15/92Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster vs. The Nasty Boys
06/01/92The Undertaker vs. The Berzerker
07/09/91Jim Duggan vs. Irwin R. Schyster
11/23/92Randy Savage vs. Terry Taylor
08/10/92Bret Hart vs. Kamala
10/13/92Razor Ramon vs. Tito Santana
01/18/93Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair (loser leaves town match)

Smack’Em Whack’Em
(Dated: 03/31/1993 – Duration: 01:57:16)

11/23/92Crush vs. The Berzerker
11/24/92Earthquake vs. Repoman
1992Dinner with Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji, and Gene Okerlund
07/21/92Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (ladder match)
10/28/92Bret Hart vs. Kamala
10/12/92Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair (Hart wins WWF World Title)
11/24/92The Undertaker vs. Razor Ramon

UK Rampage ’93
(Dated: 04/11/1993 – Duration: 01:34:38)

04/11/93Brian Knobbs vs. Headshrinker Fatu
04/11/93Kamala vs. Doink the Clown
04/11/93Mr. Perfect vs. Headshrinker Samu
04/11/93Bob Backlund vs. Damien Demento
04/11/93Typhoon vs. The Brooklyn Brawler
04/11/93Shawn Michaels vs. Crush
04/11/93Jim Duggan vs. Lex Luger

Bashed in the USA
(Dated: 06/23/1993 – Duration: 01:57:03)

12/14/92Razor Ramon vs. The Big Bossman
06/03/92Owen Hart, Koko B. Ware, & Tatanka vs. Ted DiBiase, Irwin R. Schyster, & Rick Martel
01/26/93Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala
12/14/92Shawn Michaels vs. Skinner
10/28/92Shawn Michaels vs. Virgil
05/18/9240-Man Battle Royal
1993Segment on Bret Hart drawing cartoons
06/01/92Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel
06/30/92The Beverly Brothers vs. Earthquake & Typhoon
03/08/93The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna

Invasion of the Bodyslammers
(Dated: 06/24/1993 – Duration: 01:57:06)

01/25/93Yokozuna vs. Earthquake
12/14/92The Beverly Brothers vs. The Nasty Boys
11/24/92Razor Ramon vs. The Undertaker
01/05/93Typhoon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
1993Segment on Repoman
04/29/92Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
02/16/93Kamala vs. Doink
12/14/92Papa Shango vs. The Undertaker
02/01/93Battle Royal
10/26/92Tatanka vs. Repoman
01/04/93Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect


And there we have it! An (almost) comprehensive look at the 38 videos that are set to hit the WWE Network tomorrow. Keep an eye out for them in the Vault section under “WWE Home Video Classics”.



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