EXCLUSIVE: WCW Thunder Set to Hit WWE Network Later This Month

WWE Network

You’ve been begging for it on our polls and now WWE Network News exclusively has some good news for you all! We can confirm that WCW Thunder will officially be added to the WWE Network on Monday, March 19th!

For those not following the story, WCW Thunder has had a strange history on the WWE Network. Rumors began swirling about the WCW B-show being added at least a year ago, though PWInsider specifically stated that the show was set to be uploaded in early September. Nothing happened though and PWI later reported that this was due to a then-ongoing WWE Network royalties lawsuit involving Raven and Buff Bagwell. When the lawsuit ended and the Thunder content still didn’t land, it was anybody’s guess as to what happened. Well, now we have our answer.

We currently do not know how many episodes of the show will be uploaded, though recent content drops would suggest that it could be as much as a full two years. With Thunder being a 2-hour show, however, that could alter the timeframe. One thing we know for sure is that the series will be added to the Vault section on Monday, March 19th! Stick with WWE Network News as we’ll be sure to update you as soon as possible.